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People are unbelieveable

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Now, I'm going to throw out there that I do not really like people to begin with. There are exceptions, of course, but in general I'm not a fan of my species. Every once in a while, things happen that make me go "See. SEE?! -THIS- is why I hate you people!" One of these things happened yesterday.

I had just left kickboxing and was going to the subway. The station I get on at has the street level, the level with the turnstiles and collector, and the subways one level lower. On the middle level with the turnstiles, there is a kiosk in the larger area between the stairways/escalators going to the subways (and there is one set of stairs and one escalator for each of the directions in just that one area), plus another set of stairs going up further off to get to the buses.

As I was coming down from the street to the collector booth, I could hear a woman yelling but couldn't hear what. The southbound train had clearly recently gotten there, as there was a very large number of people coming from that side of the station and exiting or going to the buses. I finally heard what the woman was yelling, and saw the woman in question, as I was going through the turnstiles. It actually shocked me so much that I stopped dead in my tracks and actually stared dumbfounded at the huge group of people just walking by her.

It was a somewhat older woman, probably in her late 40s. And she was blind. Clearly so, as she had her white cane out very visibly in her hand. She was in the large area near the kiosk repeatedly yelling "Excuse me! How do I get upstairs?!"

And every. single. person. walked right by her and ignored her.

Are you kidding me? Honestly, is what you're going to do at 1:30pm on a Tuesday SO BLOODY IMPORTANT that you can't stop for five seconds to HELP A BLIND WOMAN find her way? I couldn't believe it.

I ended up walking over to her and asking her whether she was looking for the street or the buses. I have never seen such a look of relief pass over someone's face, and she must have thanked me at least ten times for stopping. Apparently she had been there through at least two subways full of people that wouldn't help. She said she was trying to find the buses, and I offered to either tell her where to go or take her there myself. She took the offer of my leading her there, which took me all of ten seconds to do. She was fine at the bottom of the stairs, so I left her there and mentioned which bus was on which side when she got to the top. And then I went on my own way, without even missing a subway in the time it took me to do that. (And really, even if I had, there's going to be another one. Sheesh)

What the f is wrong with people these days? Good lord..
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    you,and your ideas about humans,is exactly the same as me,check my page,and blogs.....you are awesome emoticon emoticon
    2063 days ago
    I feel your pain... I hate people with a passion too.
    2066 days ago
  • WRWW13
    Way to go girlie!!!! I am sure that the lady was so glad that an angel had come along finally to help her!! U so totally ROCK!!! I am so proud of U!!!!! I can just imagine how terrified the lady was and you reached out and helped her. Dark Huggsss!!!!
    2067 days ago
    Totally Unbelievable, people are just so caught up in their own lives and don't want to be bothered. Thank you for caring enough to help this lady out. She must have be so relieved.
    2070 days ago
    I'm glad that you were there to help her. I can't imagine the relief she must have felt.

    I, too, wonder what the f it is with people these days. Selfish, inconsiderate people, raising selfish, inconsiderate kids. If everyone practiced kindness, or at the very least, common decency, we'd have a much better world. And like you said, it only takes a few minutes to do a wonderful thing for someone.
    2070 days ago
    Thank you for being the good samaritan. God bless

    2070 days ago
    That is so depressing! I can be a misanthrope at times too, but I can't help but be shocked at your story. It's just a matter of human decency and dignity. The city I live in (Toronto) has a very similar sounding subway system. I've never seen such discourtesy there (although one time a man nearly knocked me down the stairs, and ran past without even seeing if I was okay, but that is another story...), but I bet that sort of thing probably happens here too. *sigh* Anyhow, I'm happy that there are still people like you left in the world.
    2071 days ago
    Yes...people are unbelievable!
    2071 days ago
    I do think that "don't get involved" thing is worse in big cities, but there is no excuse for it anywhere. An older lady I know fell in the middle of the street here, and though the cars stopped, not one person helped her up or helped gather her belongings. Sad! Glad you were there for this lady. emoticon
    2071 days ago
    Good for you, I am so glad that you were in the right place at the right time. emoticon
    2071 days ago
    emoticon you are an angel on earth, I bet that woman was scared to death feeling lost, you have redeemed mankind with your kindness and physically showing her the right path
    2071 days ago
    Ditto! I've worked with the public on a daily basis for the last 8 years and honestly, I can't stand people. My boyfriend thinks I'm angry, but I just think he's sheltered. Good thing you were there to help that woman.

    You get the decent human being award for today!! Lol
    2071 days ago
    You are a Saint for taking the time to help her out. The other people who refused to help may someday be in her position and they'll find out that payback is he**. emoticon
    2071 days ago
    That is so sad, good thing you were there. It is the little things like that, that if people took a few minutes out of their day to help others the world would be a little better place. I will keep this as a reminder to be more aware and helpful.
    2071 days ago
    man's inhumanity to man can be staggering.
    All we can do is be the best we can be and just shake our heads at $%^&*(#$^ who are such %^&*%$ losers.
    I am trying very hard to be calm but the fake profanity is my way of venting!
    Good for you for being a compassionate person.
    2071 days ago
    In the end you will only have to answer for what you did or didn't do...the other people will have to answer for what they did or didn't do. Glad you had the kindness in your heart to help another fellow being on their journey in this life...your kindness made her day...and it probably made yours too. emoticon
    2071 days ago
    Wow - that is just sad!!
    2071 days ago
    Well, you are definitely an exception to the rule unfortunately. Thank goodness she had you. You Rock!
    2071 days ago
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