Beatin' my cravings with a stick! Plus more insight on my jouney

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Let me put it out there straight...I'm an emotional eater with a tendency to binge. When I'm hungry and/or craving, my emotions take the wheel. I hate this, but that's one of my challenges I face and seek help for currently. My goal isn't simply "losing weight" anymore, it's "losing this mindset and gaining a new one."

I woke up today telling myself..."Buffy, you aren't going to let your emotions drive your food choices today." So what am I feeling? Stressed, I have a cake to prep fondant and icing for, a car to get check out, and a job app to finish, along with multiple calls to make. It's my day off and in my organized world, my days off are the least organized.

Hunger creeps up....I know I must eat.
The old habitual thought chimes in....Chinese food. Habit says..."you know...you're going out later to get the car checked out, why don't we have a little rendezvous at the Chinese buffet, only $5.95. You won't eat much this time. You've been good these past couple days." Soothing feelings come over me as I relish the thought.

NO...what lies habit leads us to believe!

In a hurry, I turn on the stove and open the fridge. I pull out my already chopped up bell peppers/onions and steak I had prepped for a time like this! STIR FRY BABY!

My innocent little stop for lunch would have turned into a gorge orgy with the rest of the potbellies there.

As a result I saved what would have actually been $10 after drink/tip, Lord knows how many calories probably 800-1000, and at 301 calories and low carb, had one of the most satisfying homemade Chinese lunches I ever cooked...Yellow Thai Curry Pepper Steak. (Okay, so maybe not "Chinese" but it did its job.)

How am I feeling? Pretty darn good about myself! My little steps of preparing veggies, meats, and keeping healthier foods around are working out for my husband and I when in times of temptation. Even when we are hankering for pizza/wings night, we have it home.

pizza/wings/pop eating out cost $20+
at home we had whole wheat pizza w/ low fat ingredients/ baked wings/ diet pop
(last time we had it the wings were on sale so it was around $13 and we froze the leftover pizza for future meals)

Paying a little more each month on the grocery bill and cutting back on eating out is helping break the cycle of bad habits of overeating(binge), overspending, and really bringing us close as we cook and eat together at the table with the television OFF. We still have our once a month date night and occasional late-night coffee shop time.

Plus, my food taste SO MUCH BETTER than what's handed through a drive-thru window.

So my advice as I'm learning is...

This is key...not all will agree, but time is yours, so take a little chunk and...

Prepare- it will cost you as well as threaten your progress. Buy veggies and prep right away, cut up meat right away and bag in servings just for you/couple size, easily accessible foods like hard boiled eggs, yogurts, cheeses, lean lunch meats, whole grain breads where you can make a quick meal or take a snack for road if you're tempted to stop


Plan ahead- Tonight my husband and I are having lean burgers on the grill. The meat is thawing. Tomorrow is baked chicken, that's thawing too. Friday is potluck at the church revival so I'm packing a picnic lunch Thursday evening for midday Friday since we'll be setting up all day away from home. I try on Sunday evenings to plan for the week. Things do come up where I find myself eating on the road, but there I have the power to make the right choices. Burger King has a nice side salad :)

That's all I got for the day. If anyone else has experienced the same type of cravings I do and mental/emotional process, please feel free to share. I'd like to know I'm not alone.


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    It is amazing how taking a tiny bit of time in the kitchen can save tons of money in the long run, and heaps of time in our lives, because we don't have to queue to be served. Then of course there is the obvious - saving heaps of calories :-)

    GOOD blog!

    2665 days ago
    I applaud you because I do have those same issues, but have yet to conquer them. I really need to work on pre-planning and prepping. Thanks for giving me the motivation! emoticon emoticon
    2666 days ago
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