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The Weekly Mile: Week 19 (3 hours)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A list of things that you can do in 3 hours:

- Roast a 16lb turkey
- Watch Lord of The Rings: Return of the King
- Complete a full show-call for Blue Man Group
- Listen to the American Top 40 Countdown in its entirety
- Drive from my house in Madoc to Toronto
- Fly from Chicago to Toronto (including check-in time)
- Wait in line at Six Flags from the furthest checkpoint to ride the Superman coaster
- Put in the time most people start counting down to the end of their workday

This past weekend I surpassed the 3 hour running mark. I ran 16 miles in 3 hours and 23 minutes. Wait...let me say that again...I RAN FOR OVER 3 HOURS!!! Endurance sports are amazing. You wanna know when you're REALLY amazed by your body? When you realize that you can run for over 3 hours.

I will complete the marathon in just under 5.5 hours. I still have a long way to go, but after this weekend, I have NO doubt that I can do it.

Just need to find time this week to stock up on more gels and that anti-chafing stick (though no more scars from this weekend to add to the lot - which is good).

Sorry this is a late blog - we're already half way through the week and I'm already looking forward to my 18-miler this Saturday! Can't wait for next week's blog!

Week 19 Schedule (Completed):

Mon - 3 miles
Tue - Rest
Wed - 6 mile tempo
Thu - Rest
Fri - 5 miles
Sat - Rest
Sun - 16 miles

Total Weekly Miles: 30!
Total Weekly Calories Burned: 4231
Weekly Friday Weigh-In: 187

Week 20 Schedule:

Mon - REST
Tue - 4 miles
Wed - Swim
Thu - 6 miles
Fri - Rest & Stretch
Sat - 18 miles
Sun - REST
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