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Sick of eating out

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

There, I said it. I'm sick of how everyone's go to idea of something to do is going out to eat. Seriously, can't you come up with something better to do with friends than paying a ton of money to eat a greasy and carby meal?

Today isn't neccesarily related to that, but we're going out for lunch today. We got some new co-ops for the fall so this actually makes sense to take them out for lunch and meet them. Problem is, we're going to a BBQ buffet that everyone really likes cause it is indeed very good. Translation: Fat and Carbs.

I've eaten there before and the healthiest thing in their line is southern style green beans, which takes green beans and smothers them is oil and butter and onions. I can lose some carbs by just eating pulled pork off my plate rather than a massive white bun, but it is covered in the most sugary and greasy barbeque sauce I have ever seen (also one of the best tasting.) Even their baked beans have bacon grease and extra maple syrup and brown sugar in them. Plus I'll probably catch some looks for not grabbing some bannana 'nilla pudding when it comes around.

I estimate tracked it all before hand, and even being as careful as I can, there's no way I'm going to get out of this under 700 calories, which wouldn't be horrible but the protein is going to be low. And my scale is being a jerk and shows I'm up a pound since Monday rather than down one like I was hoping. I am under where my body's natural weight wants to be so these last 5 pounds to make weight are being very stubborn. If I can't lose these it looks like I'll have to make a little cut the week before September 15th, which will be made harder as my parents are coming down that weekend, and our normal catch up method is, what else?

Eating out.
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    I hate eating out. I like to know what's in my food and whose hands have been on it. There's a pretty good thread on the message boards about it "what to do INSTEAD of eating out". It has some great ideas for get togethers with friends that don't involve eating out.

    Can you get the pork without BBQ sauce?
    2120 days ago
    I have to agree that there is something wrong with us humans when eating out is the first, and many times only, thing we come up with when wanting to spend time with friends. It's the same with family and just between my husband and I. And so that may be the challenge of the day for us... list activities that can replace eating when spending time with others.

    Since SP, we have really cut back on our eating out. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen. It does especially on days when I don't have a plan, or am stressed, or am tired. A plan put into place does wonders for compensating for the stress or exhaustion.

    My husband has to attend luncheons, dinners, lunch & learns, happy hours, etc, etc, etc... for his job and it's difficult when the food options are of the type you've mentioned. He has to carefully pick and choose the food and drinks, or decide whether declining the invitation is a career altering event. And yes, sometimes it can be!

    Keep Sparking! You've seen success and you have the motivation. You can do this! You are doing this!

    2120 days ago
    I am going to be the lone voice of dissent and say that I LOVE eating out! The food is so yummy, and it's fun and social! But I also have no self control in restaurants and ALWAYS overdo it. So much so that I periodically beg my husband not to suggest going out to eat anymore, which works for a while til he forgets...I guess what I'm saying is that despite my first sentence, I agree with you. :)
    2122 days ago
    I have the same problem with my friends and family, and it's worse now because of my lapband. My family is weird they like to see me eat because they can't believe I get full on less than 1 cup of food. Then when I inform them what I can't eat they only half listen and say "Hey lets go to a chinese buffet there's healthy stuff you can eat there, they have fish and chicken" . Oh if they only understood. It's a buffet of carbs with a nice heaping serving of fat and calories. Just a small plate of general tso chicken with brocolli has 1,200 calories. Even their chicken on a stick is approx 300, and their baked salmon is drowning in a sea of butter. I fully understand where your coming from. So you've asked the million dollar question. Why is food always associated with having a great time with family and friends. There has to be something else to do to break this habit. If you find it let me know. If I stumble on ideas I'll let you know. I guess until then, all we can do is the best we can.
    2123 days ago
    I'm right there with you buddy. You'll see from some of my latest posts that I've been going through that for about a month now. TOO many functions and they all involve food. My wife also likes to eat out and go to movies. I don't mind, but I like to limit them and I've found a nice compromise for eating out. APPLEBEE'S, great food, low price, low calorie dishes.

    I've also gotten much better at just taking a couple bites of each item at buffets or pot lucks. I get to enjoy the flavors but not the massive calorie count. It still throws my balance off, but the amount of times this happens isn't too bad.

    I have also stalled a bit for my last 5 lbs. I don't think it is about the magic last 10 lbs thing, I think it is more about the careless timing and accepting of going off my plan. My workouts are the same, but my intake is what gets messed up.

    So just do what you need to do and accept that some will tease you, but who cares, you know you are in much better shape than they are and until they follow your lead, you always will be. Keep the faith
    2127 days ago
    I AGREE 100%!! My husband is a huge fan of eating out. He would go out for breakfast everyday if he could. I don't see the point. It's a waste of time and money and here in central PA so many of the items on our local menus are LOADED with fat..fat, fat, fat and carbs. It's sickening. The last time we went out I said to my husband "look around at all the obese people in this restaurant". He did and was really very surprised. I was watching what they were ordering (breakfast mind you) and it was either fried, creamed, animal meat high in fat or something smothered in butter/sugar. No wonder our healthcare costs so darn much!

    I'm going on vacation with friends/family for 2 weeks. This is always interesting - I don't eat alo, especially when traveling, and when I do I try to make it as healthy as I possibly can. I ALWAYS get the same crap (pardon me) from my friends/family..... "aren't you hungry? Aren't you going to order something else? Is THAT all you're eating? What are you a VEGETARIAN!!???" No, I'm not, by the way but am seriously considering it.

    Well, I've created a blog within a blog emoticon Bottom line is I agree with you and this country better wake the heck up. Pat
    2128 days ago
    I hate that celebrations always seem to center around food (I am also guilty of this...)! New co-workers- lunch! Friend comes to visit from out of town- drinks! Parents come to visit- dinner out!
    While there isn't an easy answer for the lunch outings with your work, you can always suggest doing a potluck or cooking at your house or a friend's house for dinners. We do that every week or so with friends of ours in lieu of going to the bar together. It's much cheaper (and healthier!). As far as the lunch goes, eat slowly, and don't drink the sweet tea :)
    2128 days ago
    I'm with you. Eating out is more trouble than it is worth, sometimes! I avoid it, as I prefer to cook my own meals in my own home. I have friends who tell me they are trying to lose weight, yet eat meals out 3 or 4 times a week. Duh!
    I know it doesn't help solve your problem, but I have been known to vist a restaurant with others eating and me not....only ordering water, diet cola, or something like that. Maybe not an alternative to the buffet you are mentioning.
    Good luck. My only advice is to eat something before you go (yogurt, etc.) and not arrive hungry.

    2128 days ago
    I wish there was an easy answer but there is not and to just eat a salas will get some strande looks and unnecessary comments
    good luck
    2128 days ago
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