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My Pedometer says....what?(Rambli
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My pedometer is reading 23,758 steps -- how can that be? I wish it were true because I did a lot today but not THAT much surely!!!! My pedometer REALLY is reading those numbers and I am certain I did over 10,000 but almost 24,000? I don't think so!
I don't have much luck with pedometers. Maybe that is good because I do not believe in luck. The last pedometer that recently went AWOL was handed to me (by my DH) in pieces last Saturday. The pedometer had fallen off and he accidentally ran over it with the lawn mower! The pedometer before that fell while I was loading the car with groceries. The door smashed it. Other pedometers have failed to give accurate readings - though I much prefer the inflated than deflated numbers....makes me feel like I accomplished something! LOL!!! There is one pedometer I have that constantly falls off of me and in the strangest places.

Today was another busy day - according to this pedometer almost a quarter of a million steps day. Got a shower and dressed, did two loads of laundry, made three beds, washed a load of dishes by hand, gathered and put trash out, worked on my devotionals, read five Psalms and a Proverb, and prayed(definitely NOT a chore I cherish that time!), checked email and Spark.... Then I ran some errands. I drove to the Dollar Store to pick up some cards, a plastic basket. While there I was looking through the books hoping I would find something to give to my daughter's horse instructor because it had been her birthday last week. Nothing called out to me and I wasn't sure what she likes to read.
However, I found a book that really interested me on Christian Leadership so I picked that up. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the cashier tell me to have a blessed day because it was a blessing to find that book!
From there I drove across the street to Walmart to return my daughter's shorts (She didn't like how they fit.) and my DH t-shirts (I accidentally had picked up round neck instead of v-neck.) While I picked up four gallons of water ( We don't drink tap water.) and got replacement shorts for my daughter (Ones she wanted that I knew would fit and same price).

Following Walmart, I drove to my oldest daughter's boyfriend's grandma's place . I heard she wasn't feeling well. So, before I left home I gathered a couple of cans of soup, some travel tissues, a small individual sized v-8, and applesauce. I wrote get well wishes in a card. Remember the basket I picked up at the Dollar Store? That's what it was for! All of it went into the basket and I delivered it to her door. Since I knew she may not be feeling up to company and I had not called beforehand, I decided to leave it on the step outside of her door. I knocked on the door and ran to my car which I had left running. I didn't want her to feel obligated to visit and I wanted a surprise element.

Next stop was across town to Kmart to pick up some house shoes. The last two week I have been intermittently in pain and hobbling because my right foot has Planter Fasciitis . Plantar Fasciitis is the inflammation of the ligament that runs along the arch of the foot. If you are wondering more about what it is, you can read about it here:

Anyhow, I had picked up an insert for my shoes last Friday and my I asked my DH if I could get a second pair and house shoes (I usually just wear socks in the house.) I endeavored to pick up the house shoes yesterday but when I saw the price of them ($16.99), I had some reservations. I wanted to double check with DH because I wasn't sure if it would be ok. He told me that I NEEDED them and that I had been silly NOT to get them. (I am also trying Ibuprofen/Alieve and Aspercreme Heat for the pain, am doing exercises for it and reading up on it more.)

Hence back to K-Mart today. Before I headed in there was a man raising donations for crime prevention and I decided to give him some loose change on my way out since I didn't want the doughnuts he was selling as tempting as they were.

Next on my errand list was to drive across town to the library to return a greek recipe book I forgot to return when I was there yesterday. (Wish I had tried some of those recipes! I can always borrow it again!) I stopped in the Friends of the Library Bookstore there and wanted to pick up a book on the methods of studying the Bible that I saw yesterday. It was selling for
$3.00 but I only had $2.25 in change. They only accept cash. I asked if I could pay the $2.25 now and pay the $ .75 the next time I came. The attendants conferred and said they would sell it to me for $2.25! What a blessing!

More to write but my oldest daughter has homework to do. I promised to let her use this computer so I will pick up my story later... Hope you all have a great night!
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