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A little bit cleaner

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So today on SparkCoach, the challenge was to organise your kitchen so that it was easier to be healthy.

Well, that's a tall order for me. As you may know from previous posts, I'm a borderline hoarder... I don't actually hoard, but I'm a total slob. If there's a flat surface, stuff gets piled on it. I'm working on that... the living room is now home to several white plastic drawers, and I'm slowly imposing order here and there.

So in order to start moving down this path, I decided to tackle this:

As you can see... it's a junky, cluttered mess, and there's no prep space. My husband's content with just moving things, but I don't. I need clean space so I can spread out.

So, before making dinner tonight... that's EXACTLY what I did! I threw away a LOT of mostly empty chip bags, some things that I hadn't wanted to throw away because "I might give them to the kids." I kept only things that were fresh, and that I know we'll eat this week. I even found not one, not two, but THREE containers of mostly full black pepper. *headdesk* we kept losing them, or not putting them away, so we thought we didn't have any and got more. Being messy costs you money, people.

I put everything away that was out of its place, scrubbed the counters, and voila:

Much more appetizing, don't you think?

I also moved my food scale from its pile on the other counter to this counter, where I will see and use it. I've also asked my husband (whose job it is to keep the kitchen clean, generally.) to help me keep it clean, and explained why. He agrees that we tend to look at the kitchen, and decide it's not worth the hassle, and eat out instead.

For supper, we made tacos! Very yummy.

So yay for the first step! Tomorrow, I'd like to try and tackle the gross refrigerator. It really needs to be reorganized and cleaned, badly. I'm tired of throwing away food because we lose it and forget it's in there.
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  • SHEL_V2
    Amazing effort and result! I love all the comments about the stuff we buy duplicates of. I've gotten better about that since creating a custom grocery list. I print it out and circle the things we need. My sister in law used to crack up when she'd see how much peanut butter we had in the house.
    2102 days ago
    To get one's life in control, ALL aspects of it needs to be worked on, or distractions will always keep you from attaining your goal. Keep the faith.
    2102 days ago

    I'm not exactly haus frau material. I still have a plaque my family gave to me when I was a kid that said,"Keep this room clean". Never did, but I still have that plaque ! LOL !!!

    Every now and then I go through cleaning phases. A couple of years ago, my closet got the treatment. I went through bags of clothes I never wore. Plenty still had tags on them. the items that were still in good condition got taken to the Goodwill. The stuff that was in dreadful shape got tossed.

    I did keep a couple of pairs of pants from my heaviest days. One day, I was going to use them for a James Coco type of photo. Never got around to doing that either. lol !!

    anyway... every little bit does add up. Now, you don't need to buy pepper !

    2103 days ago
    Well done!
    2103 days ago
    LOL we have three bottles of ginger and three bottles of dill, and also cloves. We also have too much cinnamon but I'm reasonably sure that will get used eventually. You'd think we'd be able to always find what we have since we have an entire upper corner cupboard dedicated to spices. But sometimes they sneak over to the white pantry, or we forget how to read, or we both think "someone wanted this" while we're on disparate shopping trips. I guess I should make myself freecycle the unopened bottles.

    Though I always feel a little bad about freecycling, since I suspect the people taking stuff are also hoarders.
    2103 days ago
    One tip for the fridge: keep it semi-empty. Don't buy a bunch of food and fill it up. Only by a small amount so you can see everything that's in there. If that means more trips to the grocery store, it's better to go because you need it, not because you threw food out. (I've had times where I've had only 1 or 2 items per shelf). Put condiments in the door where they don't block everything else and can always be found quickly. Use the drawers to keep like items nearby (I put things like cheese and lunch meat in a small drawer where I can get them at the same time for sandwiches). You don't need to put fruit and veggies in their assigned drawers - put them in the open where you you'll see them first when you're hungry, and other items can go in the drawers so you actually have to work to get them out. Put items you use more often on the bottom shelves (you'll have to bend and reach for them) since you'll know they're there and stuff that you don't have as often in plain sight.

    Good job cleaning up the kitchen counter. Now to figure out how to keep it clean. If nothing else, designate that area a 'no placement' area - don't put anything there that you're not actively working on. After peparing food, immediately clear the area. If you never leave anything there, nothing will pile up.
    2104 days ago
    After picture looks AWESOME! Kudos!!!

    My husband and I have a deal: I cook, he cleans. Actually, I used to leave the kitchen but now I stay and put things away while he does the dishes and the pans. It's a good deal for us and might work for you! Totally agree that you spend WAY more money when you aren't organized. We always use dinner leftovers for the next day's lunch.
    2104 days ago
    I know where you are coming from. I have a hard time letting go and I hide it. Open any cabinet or drawer in my house and you will be amazed at how much I can shove in there.
    2104 days ago
    Good for you! Getting organized it TOUGH! I need to go through a pile of unfiled documents that are just piled up in the office!

    2104 days ago
    It really and truly doesn't need to be said, but I thought you'd like to hear it, anyhow. The AFTER photo is 1000 times improvement over the first one... which looked like a breeding ground for any transient bacteria, virus and/or mold. Brrrr! it gave me the shivers, thinking you actually prepared food in that environment!

    Aside from cleaning toilets, keeping the kitchen clean has to be the worst domestic job in the house. And it's a CONSTANT CONSTANT CONSTANT chore. If you can share it with DH and kids, that's a huge burden off your shoulders.

    Thanks for your honesty! Now, keep that one section in good order, and add to it!!!
    2104 days ago
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