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Lil' Pantry Purging Today...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

and some from one of my freezers. My big pantry is in good shape, as is the meat freezer. But I had some things in the other freezer that really needed to go. Like wheat flour, wheat bread, pie crusts, cookie dough etc. They werent tempting me or anything, but since I won't be making them (not only trying to be gluten-free but watching carbs as well) I just decided it was time to pitch them.

Usually when I get in this mood, I call my sister and she comes over and I load her up. This time, I could not do that in good conscious. I hate to waste stuff, but I don't want them consuming that stuff either. The minor price of the food is nothing compared to the price of good health long term.

Hidden in some lower cabinets, I found some cereal boxes and cracker boxes etc. We weren't much on that stuff before, (that is why they were still there) and I know they have been there for quite some time, so it was just time for those to go as well.

An observation I made yesterday, my youngest son who is 18.5, that use to have Mt Dew running through his veins, has been leaning out and he actually has some good muscle definition going on. Now he is a bean pole, if you saw his picture the other day you know what I mean. But now his arms and shoulders are looking pretty ripped. I asked him if he was working out. He said no he really hasnt been doing anything. But he then went on to say that he quit drinking Mt. Dew. He has pretty much cut out all fast food in the last 30 days. He has always pretty much only ate once or twice a day - just a huge amount when he does. So when he does eat, he eats fairly primal by nature. He still likes things like Hoagie buns, flour tortilla etc and he does not have any intolerances to wheat. However since he is so thin, you can definitely see his belly distend after eating some of these things. But anyways, since he doesnt have any other outward intolerances, I still keep some of that sort of stuff for him. Thank goodness it does not tempt me in the least.

Now if I were to make homemade bread or rolls, etc, I would eat it all. The family not so much, so it is best if I just don't make it. My son does like homemade flour tortillas, so I try to do a few things like that for him once in awhile, though I havent in quite some time. But just cutting back on some of these things, he is really starting to lean out.

Anyways, so far for today, the purging has been my positive progress towards my new healthy lifestyle. Getting some more of the C.R.A.P out of the house. What has been your progress today?
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