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Do you know who Chrissie Wellington is?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Last week my husband came home and asked if we had any plans for the following Thursday night. Well we had 'ideas' but no real 'plans'. Why? Oh there is a concert I want to go to. It was a blues singer named Coco Montoya. OK that's nice... who is he? Well he use to be the drummer for Albert Collins, and now he plays the guitar left handed and yada yada yada.. OH ok, how much are the ticket? $16.00, OK see if you can get any and we will go.

Now understand that music is my husbands passion. He has all the stuff to have his own band, just no one to play them right now. He use to have a band but it has dissolved over the past year and he's a bit lost right now. I like music but not to the level that he does. I have never been one to know 'who played what song'. I hear a song I like it that's all that matters. I do know who Albert Collins is thanks to my husband playing his songs all the time.

So we go to this concert it was at a Jazz bar, and you ate dinner first then they played the music. A nice small venue. Half way thru the show they have a brake and you can buy his CD, and meet him. We were not prepared for the CD buy so didn't have cash. However we grabbed the cell phone and got a picture of my husband with Coco. I still not sure who we are watching post it on Facebook. With the captioning of "Donut Man, and some famous blues guy that I don't know". It was good for a laugh.

Fast forward a week. I ask my husband if we have any plans for next Tuesday night. He doesn't think so why? Well Chrissie Wellington is going to be in town, and is doing a run, and a meet and greet and book signing, and I'd like to go. Him, Who is Chrissie Wellington? Me: Oh come on you know who she is... you've watched her. Him: Um nope no idea. Me: She is the women's Ironman Winner! She is the best! We watched her on that show and she won saying she was only functioning at 80%! Him: oh yah her, that would be cool for you to go to. Him: I know we will get your picture with her and I can post it on Facebook saying "Roxit, with some famous athlete that I don't know".... HA HA HA.. won't that be great!

So today I signed up for a fun run that morning. It's a 5 mile run! There is a 1/2 hour period before that you can do a meet and greet with her. I'm hoping for a picture either then or at the book signing that night. There have been a few other people I could of meet over the year but this one is a high light for me. I'm hoping by running with her and then getting her book, and listening to her speak will help me get my drive back.

So this is something that is 1 week away that has me pumped and excited. I may even go for a short run today!
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