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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wow, so obviously I have been quite the procrastinator as far as blogging! Life has been really..interesting. I will break this up into pieces, lets begin with health.

Health Update:

I had my surgery which went fine, nothing new was found which was good, the only problem being that we now know that the surgery didn't work, in fact, it seems to have made certain aspects worse. Sigh. So here comes a whole bunch of scary stuff, but I know that God is in control and He is going to get me through. I see the doctor this coming Thursday to discuss everything and decide what to do next.

My thyroid has evened out!! Yay!! We finally found the right dosage and are going to hang with it for a while and make sure that it stays in the right place. This being said, my body seems to finally be willing to lose weight, something that has sort of surprised everyone, but I am incredibly glad for it!

There is, however, one thing that we were really hoping would be solved by an even thyroid, but has managed to stay bad. (TMI WARNING!!) See, I have had "female problems" for as long as I have had periods, they have always been erratic, arriving and leaving whenever they pleased, ranging anywhere from so light I can get by with liners, to so heavy that they literally stop my life (they are currently heavy enough that they have made me borderline anemic, if that gives you a better idea), though one thing that has been consistent is pain (cause that would figure, right?! ;P), really BAD pain. Now before you tell me that everything will be fine if I lose weight, let me just say that losing 90lbs and getting down to about 10lbs away from my goal weight did nothing to help the situation. Granted, I still need to lose weight, because I know that it can't be helping things, but that is not the solution. I have spent many miserable years trying every kind of BC known to man, only to discover that I am one of the small percentage of women who simply cannot take BC. It does nothing to stabilize my periods and it makes me sick (understatement of the year). Finally I have found a doctor who is willing to look more closely than BC to take care of the issue. We had hoped that taking care of my thyroid might do it, but thus far that has not been the case, so we are going to give it another month or two and then start looking at other options. I am nervous about this, because I know that it is going to mean trying more stuff that could potentially make me violently ill and if that doesn't work....yeah. These are just the things that are on my mind.

Weight Loss Update:

So after my surgery I finally had that moment when I knew that I didn't have a choice anymore, as far as, weight loss. I have to make the changes, I have to be dedicated, no matter how long it takes. So I have been counting calories and slowly reintroducing exercise (got a pretty good routine going now). The weight is coming off slowly and my occasional stress binges have not helped, but I am making progress. Discovered today that I have lost an inch off my waist!! Hooray! It definitely helped knowing that I have more serious things coming up health wise and every single one of them would be benefited by my losing weight. I was not about to sit in that office and have my doctor tell me that he couldn't do what was needed to help me until I lost X amount of weight or at the very least I want to already be throwing myself head long in the right direction when he does say that. I refuse to allow my weight to dictate my decisions!!

To be honest, it is not just health stuff that is motivating me. I am trying to get a different job, classes begin tomorrow, I will be twenty-five next year, and I am finally beginning to recognize my own beauty and worth, which has helped me to recognize that I want to treat myself better. I do not ever want to get back to where I was before, I will not allow that to happen, I simply refuse. I know that I have a lot of health problems, so I would like to be as healthy as possible next to those, if that makes sense.

Life Update:

School starts tomorrow!!! I am nervous about it, especially since I am not sure that I will even be able to go this semester. I have to make a decision by Thursday. So my plan right now is to attend class tomorrow, go to work the next day, and go see my doc on Thursday morning, though that may change. Still praying and trying to be realistic. We shall see. I may just drop down to one class and see how it goes. I hate to miss another semester. Bleh.

Yes, I am still in a pretty intense relationship with a fictional character. Teehee! Just kidding. Still haven't found the right fella, though honestly, I am thankful right now for the Lords direction to not date, not sure if I could handle anything else at this particular moment. Just trying to be patient and rely on God to work out the timing.

Life is messy, so wonderful to know that God has never let me go, even when I get lost in everything.

I will leave you with that, as I really need to be getting to bed (and hopefully to sleep). Got that early morning tomorrow! Have a good week everyone!

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    That thyroid is so very tricky; I am glad you are evened out now.
    2434 days ago
    emoticon Glad to hear the thyroid is better...when that is regulated it certainly does help.
    I would encourage you to take one class just to keep you mind sharp and stay in the 'mood' for school. emoticon
    2434 days ago
    Good luck with school tomorrow!!!
    2435 days ago
    May God bless your success on this journey we all share.
    2436 days ago
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