Today started out uber duber awesome.

Monday, August 20, 2012

I slept great last night. I was cranky before bed so I was thinking my sleep would suck but it didn't.
I got up and read a few chapters in the Bible and did my prayer (see, I'm sticking to the plan).
Every morning, second thing, I take out Sasha. Apparently I'm the only person who can get her to go to the bathroom in the morning. I walked back in and announced I would be at the gym for an hour. To that my family responded with "Uhhhh whatever. Have fun?" They obviously don't understand how awesome I am for thinking of exercise first thing.
I grabbed my fat burner bar (if I don't eat before workout I literally throw up...?... yes I'm weird), and walked over to the gym.
ALL TO MYSELF! YES! Normally there are like 3 or 4 people in there since its free. But nooooo today I got to sweat on EVERYTHING without being self conscious. I did 2 miles on the treadmill in 24 minutes and then I did 20 minutes of the elliptical on "personal trainer mode" which is actually a really crappy mode, I could have trained myself to do that but between the two I still burned 550 cal. Then I did weights.
I came home and had my shake. With a banana so it was derishus!
I asked my kids to start washing the windows while I vacuumed and out of nowhere Josh and Lee both start cleaning along with us. So instead of just having washed windows and a vacuumed floor, I now have washed windows, vacuumed floor, STEAM VACC'D floor, clean kitchen floors, washed dishes, cleaned counter tops, and they rearranged the living room.

CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? Is this day real? Am I dreaming?
I'm going to start out tomorrow the same and see if it all happens again... but this time THE LAUNDRY!!!!
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