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Monday, August 20, 2012

At the bottom of the SparkPeople e-mail today it said this:

SparkPeople's Coach Tanya says:
Is your weight loss journey a sprint or a marathon?

Funny, because today I'd just had a similar train of thought; WHY can't I stay motivated? Then I changed it to "committed", motivation isn't the problem.

So for me, the above question by Coach Tanya actually goes more like this:

Is my weight loss journey a high flying jet or one that is constantly doing the "Touch & Go's"? Anyone in the Navy or Air Force would know that this refers to the planes as they fly in, land for a second, and keep on going. They do this to perfection. The ones done by the Navy on aircraft carriers is an awesome sight, landing on a tiny ship in relation to the size of the ocean, and taking off again a few hundred feet and a few seconds later.

Well, my exercise commitment is like that. Except the only "awesome" thing about it is that I actually ever even do it. Ever. The simplest thing can throw me off and the commitments shot for another few weeks....or months. Even years.

Almost 6 weeks ago I went to visit a friend in TN, so I drove down for the day. It was a 5 hr drive to her place. As I had to leave very early in the morning so I'd have a good long visit before driving back, I was unable to work out on my elliptical machine. The next day I was recouping from the long day before. The day after that I was in "non-committal" mode and that was the end of it - until today.

So, I'm back to 3 minutes on the elliptical instead of five. Really? Seriously? And I'd made such a good beginning and was feeling & looking sooo much better - so much so even hubby commented!

My entire life I've been like this regarding exercise. I hate it. I really do - always have. And I don't "hate" anything or anyone. "Hate" is such an overused word of intense emotion. An emotion that is rarely felt, and certainly not understood by the majority of the people that use it - incessantly. But my entire life I've always applied "hate" to exercise. Why can't I get over that? I know how much better I feel & look, but it just doesn't set in....and stay. It's never been an ingrained part of me.

I suppose some is better than none. But I'd sure like to remedy that -permanently. I just don't know how.
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    Thank you, Mrs. Eva K.

    There are only 2 exercises that I...well, let's say, I don't mind. LOL Walking the woods & creek w/ my dog, the elliptical, and the (like you) Yoga. The stretching is so relaxing. It's the cardio things that get me. LOL I really do need to get over that hate of sweat!

    Thank you, again. Your words were felt, not just read. Very much appreciated.
    2883 days ago
    For me to commit to my plan I had to find a key element that I LOVE! absolutely love. For me it's yoga. I practice every day without question because I love it. I walk and I do other cardio workouts but even on my worst day Yoga in some form makes me happy and so I turn to it for my daily bare minimum (which is 15 minutes).

    Like amanda I think that our journey here is only partially physical. You have to uncover layers of emotional stuff as we change, if nothing else it coming to grips with the change itself.

    But my suggestion is you find an activity that you love. The best exercise doesn't really feel like exercise, not mentally anyway. Find what you like and the commitment will come.
    2883 days ago
    We usually reserve hate for those things which bring great physical or emotional pain. I wonder if there was ever a time when you enjoyed playing or dancing or running or swimming or skipping or climbing or jumping, and how that joyous movement may have given way to dislike and aversion.

    I'm a big believer in doing the emotional work along with the physical, and can only guess that the negative feelings are related to some experience in the past that doesn't have to prevent you from choosing new ways of thinking and behaving that may better support your growth and well-being.

    I'm also a big believer in the power of babysteps. The first habit I developed that started me on the road to weight loss (right around 70 pounds now) was taking a walk around the block after lunch at work. I love being outside, praying and saying affirmations, communing with the Goddess and with nature--even in our little industrial park. The trees and grass and birds and flowers, the sun and shade, the clouds and sky all nourish my spirit as the exercise burns calories and strengthens my body.

    Hoping you can find the activities and attitudes that will bring you the greatest pleasure and balance. Keep looking and experimenting!

    Blessed Be, Amanda emoticon
    2883 days ago
    Yes, I walk with my buddy, Hoodoo. But only when it's not so oppressively humid out. The humidity gives me instant migraines if I'm out too long. Hoodoo loves our walks in our woods & creek and so do I - it's our "us" time, but it's not often un-humid enough to do so. We live on a very steep hill and the woods and creek are at the bottom - so it's great workout walk! I just have to watch getting overheated in the humidity.

    My elliptical is the only exercise I've found that I actually enjoy. Thankfully. I had started getting used to the sweating, and then I hit that non-committal stage again. That's may problem. THAT stage. Its hits and that's it. That's what I don't know how to get over.

    Congratulations on your progress, and all the best on your 5k that is so awesome! You'll do great! LOL I don't think I'll ever find (or want to find) a 5k elliptical race!
    2885 days ago
    I am not a big fan of exercise- hate working hard, hate sweating. The key is to find something that you enjoy so it will not feel like exercise. For me that is walking or biking. I love to get out in the fresh air all by myself- it is "my" time for me. It was something that I could "commit" to- walking or biking daily. The dog helped as she loved to go for walks. That was my main exercise two years ago when I started Sparks.
    Last month- I tried jogging. Maybe I should say "intervals" I started walking 4 minutes with one minute of jogging. I am not a very good jogger. I am now up to 2minutes walking with 2 minutes jogging. On Saturday- I will do my first 5k. This does cause me to sweat- which I am gradually getting used to.
    Just start with something easy that you can commit to- anything that you enjoy. Start there and you may never know where you will end up in the future.
    2885 days ago
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