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Photos from the Peterhof (1 of 3)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Thanks to all who have expressed appreciation at seeing our Russian vacation photos. In response to a previous blog, I was asked if I saw the Amber Room. It turns out that the Amber Room wasn't in one of the palaces I saw (these Tsars had more palaces than I have socks) but in the Catherine Palace (Tsarskoye Selo). It was looted by the Nazis during WWII but was recently restored with help from the German government.

Today I wanted to share some photos I took when my wife and I visited the Peterhof. This is a series of gardens and palaces laid out by Peter the Great. It was his attempt to compete with Versailles, and today it has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The place is immense and I remember we walked over 25,000 steps that day. It is very beautiful and I took so many photos that I think I'll have to post them in three blogs. So without further ado ...

(An aerial view - not mine, obviously - of the upper gardens and the grand palace)

(The Grand Peterhof Palace seen from the upper gardens)

(detail from one of the fountains in the upper garden)

(detail from another upper garden fountain)

(another pool in the upper garden and a corner of the grand palace)

I didn't take any photos inside the grand palace but I wanted to continue my demonstration that these rulers were living in obscene luxury while their people starved. So here are a few photos from the web of the interior, that I think make the point.

Tomorrow, I'll post pictures from the lower gardens.

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