I will look like a manga girl!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

No I won't! That's not possible.
#1 They're Asian... I'm... my dad's daughter (a.k.a. built like a linebacker and damn proud of it).
#2 They're cartoons. No one has eyes that big.
#3 Unless its extra skin being taken off, no plastic surgery for meeeee.

I found a good Church here. They like to pray a lot which is cool because I believe in prayer. I almost feel bad that I pray about my weight when I should be praying about finances, my children, my husband, world peace. But I talk with God almost more than I talk with people which is scary because I talk a ton. The only time I stop is when my foot is rammed so far in my mouth that I can't breath anymore. And by then people are looking at me like I'm crazy. But God promises He'll never leave me so if I can't say it to people, I say it to Him. So when I pray it almost sounds like this
'Hi. How are you? You know how I am. Thank you for today. Thank you for my kids. Please get my concentration back on Church instead of the guy snoring two rows ahead of me. If he lost some weight he wouldn't snore. Ughhh God I'm fat again. Help. Could you please make it rain tomorrow? I really need help with this weight thing. I don't want to eat myself to death. Could you help me find a job? I don't want to put money ahead of you but we're behind on car payments and rent is coming up. I'm scared about how much weight I've put back on. Can you help me get it off? Please help me not talk crap about my neighbors upstairs. You know why I don't like them but I'm trying really hard to see their good side. My pants are tight. Can you make donuts disappear? BTW please help the kids learn something about you today instead of only paying attention until they win candy. Amen"
Hopefully God speaks A.D.D.
Anyways, I think He facepalms every time I see a girl in a manga or a cartoon and go "Ughhh I want to look good in a skirt like that. How come she gets big boobs and a bubble but and I have mosquito bites and a double pumpkin butt including the indents?"
Right now I want to focus on what's good about me.
I want to see my eyes and my personality and be like "Damn girl, you're hot."
And then I want to WANT to go to the gym because God gave me the ability to walk and hopefully run and the muscles to lift weights to take care of the body He gave me.
Actually I want to get to the point where I'm remembering to thank Him more than I ask Him.
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  • _JODI404
    I do sincerely hope your prayers are answered. You've got a lot going on there at one time. Some hard stuff. Be gentle with yourself and take it one day at a time.

    2645 days ago
    == Hopefully God speaks A.D.D. ==

    I had to chuckle when I read that.

    Growing up, one of the things I remember being taught was similar to the way you're talking about praying - that He was there to hear and listen to us no matter what we had to say or how we said it.
    2645 days ago
    It is good that you are praying. It not really about what you are saying...over time that really differs..but so many dont even give the time back that you are giving. So just know that He hears you and He loves you. Continue the effort on weight loss. I was thinking the other day. The human body is so amazing and we were not meant to be over weight. We have to take care of this creation we all our body. You are on the right track.

    Have a great day!
    2646 days ago
    I love the way you talk to Him. I think more should pray this way rather than so stuffy in my opinion. Thats the way I talk to him but mine right now is more towards well "other things" which I wont get into publically. Remember I am here for you and I am struggling right with you! Luvs Ya emoticon
    2646 days ago
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