Update on gardening experiments and more summer activities

Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's been awhile since I have blogged.
With two boys ( my grandsons) home all day all summer. It isn't an easy job to keep them entertained, Or have much free time.

A couple years ago we spent most the summer and fall with short hikes, fishing, camping, lakes and streams to stay cool in. This year my pain has been a lot worse so this year we have been less physically active ( harder to lose the weight and keep it off) we had fun doing more projects around the house and garden.

One of my blogs in May mentioned , planting tomato's , flowers, possible other veggies and the big Potato pit experiment.

I said I would keep you updated. I know it's been months, but here is an update :)

Some of the tomato war plants,
Peirce is kickin butt with Damion in a close 2nd .. I'm trailing behind..
We ended up planting 4 tomato's, ( the little girl next door needed a plant too.
after planting the boys dug "trenches" from one tomato to the others and rocked around them .. ' so all we had to water is one and they would all get water :) ( next year I'm investing in something much better for them to climb and be held up :)

True puzzle!

We planted several Holly hawks here , This is what grew ... I think it is squash, pumpkin or cucumbers ? and I also think a neighbor has a good sense of humor although they adamantly deny it .

Our other Holly hawks and petunias plus 3 of a lot of rocks we have painted. The one with the "evil eyes" Is Damion's Idea , "so it will scare the dogs from getting into the flowers" lol


Flowers ( can't remember the name) the boys planted in a pot that we have not yet painted. but very pretty flowers , I think the kids have a green thumb!


A flower garden the boys and I planted with many of the painted rocks. We planted several of the red burning bush plants but only a few made it.. not sure if it was the soil or the amount of sunlight, ( another experiment with new plants. Hopefully it will all fill in next year.

The great potato experiment!!
The plants are starting to die off now, looks like in the next few weeks we will find out if we actually have potatoes :)
( read May blog for more details)

( The plants other veggie plants on top of potato's and a couple planted with seed never made it due to the 'digging' of our neighbors cat ..YUCK)

Our last project of the season, a new flower bed, before there were old irises tons of them!!
I ended up with around a hundred bulbs and a few of or neighbors will have more Irises now. lol

We trans planted geraniums from my parents house, left a few and added a few Irises, a good used bird feeder, and a small humming bird feeder, bigger newer ones next year , but Great fun watching the birds eat and squabble over the food. especially sitting outside with my morning tea.
We are in the process of river rock raiding ... " moohahah, evil laugh" about once a week we go down to the river and while the kids are busy playing in the water and skipping rocks, I'm sitting on the? beach? and putting small river rocks in bags, the kids load them in the SUV then we have added them around the plants. We have gotten around 100 lbs of rock I would guess... I really hope it's not illegal! geesh I just thought of that ?? If anyone knows please let me know emoticon


I was going to blog about my health and back injections also But this is way long enough. I will blog more another day ' After I hopefully get a nerve in my lower back burnt and I am in a lot less pain ' Wont that be awesome!

Take great care of You!
Hope you have a great day!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Don't know how old the boys are, but when I was little - my grandfather had this amazing garden. He tended it everyday and grew the most amazing veggies. I asked him to plant pumpkins, but he didn't have enough room . . . so I did it at my house. It's fun to watch it start to grow and get bigger and bigger -- and keep turning it so it doesn't get flat on one side. I was so proud of it . . . . although a bit sad when it was time to cut it from the vine for Halloween . . . but proud, because it was the best looking one around!!!

    I love the idea of painted rocks. They'd make great gifts for teachers, especially if the rocks are small and are accompanied by a plant!
    2127 days ago
  • ALIKATZ1963
    We used acrylic paints, I get them at walmart. there are usually some on sale by the crafts. I try to get one or 2 bottles every couple months for such occasions as painting rocks ,lol
    After this summer I need to start stalking up more for the holidays.

    I had one tomato plant I was sure was dead from grubs but we babied it and it's still alive.. small, no blossoms, probably no tomato's .. but it's alive .lol

    I need to change my veggie garden spot. after 6 years it's about worn out. between a few grubs, and the bottoms of several tomato's turning hard and brown ( not sure what it is called) So maybe a flower garden there next year? It's been so fun letting the kids garden their way, do experiments and planting their own plants. They are growing so fast :(
    Maybe next year I can let them do all the work and just
    2128 days ago
    I think my GC would love to paint rocks. What kind of paint did you use. Wish my garden turned out as good as yours. My tomato plants were sickly and only 2 tomatoes and we pulled the squash plants because of bugs. My pepper plants are doing very good.

    Hope your back is better soon.
    2128 days ago
    Love all the pictures of your garden! Squash will 'volunteer', so if you had plants or even broken trash bags in that area, that's what's happened probably. (P.S., I LOVE squash--save me some!)

    I don't know whether it's illegal to pick up river rocks or not. Are you in any kind of park, or just along the river on county land or something? In any case, I'm sure you're not the only one to pick up rocks!

    It's about time for another visit down there....let me know when the squash is ready! emoticon
    2129 days ago
  • CARANN56
    Sounds like you have made an awesome summer with your grandsons filled with fun and lots of memories! I LOVE the painted rocks!!! VERY creative!

    I am anxious to hear if the potatoes produced or not!

    Hope your back is on the mend.

    2129 days ago
    I LOVE the painted rocks!!! Beautiful!!! Nice to see you back to blogging...hope you aren't in too much pain.
    2129 days ago
  • ALIKATZ1963
    I'm sorry for the typo's and poor grammer, but I did not want to edit after I added the photos. emoticon
    2129 days ago
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