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Saturday, August 18, 2012

What a GREAT day today!!! Up at 8am and I was ready to get moving! It was one of those days where you wake up and you just think, "I will not waste this day! There are so many things I want to do!"

Took awhile to get around and get my physical therapy done and get dressed, etc. Made a breakfast smoothie and slowly sucked that down. Around 11am, I was ready to head out the door for a nice, long walk with my 6 yr old. I realized it might be pushing the envelope going for a long walk in my boot, but it was a GORGEOUS 54 degrees outside and the sun was shining. I refused to miss out on that glory!

So, we stocked my hydration belt with water and some of those Powerbar Gel Blasts and embarked on our journey.

Originally, we set out to do 6 miles. However, she's small...so one of my steps is two steps for her. It's a long way for little legs. And look at the shoes she is wearing.

This is Elayna's imitation of a runner in the Olympics getting ready to run. I like the perspective of the sidewalk behind her, which looks like it goes on forever and ever.

I have to say, Elayna is my....unique child. She's quite gifted and also over emotional. She says the most random things and, most of the time, she says them with an inflection that is so grown up, you could just laugh out loud. She's devastatingly smart and has a great sense of humor. Spending time with her and listening to her thought processes is truly a delight! No shortage of laughter on this walk, I'll tell you that. She's also crazy curious and soaks up information and knowledge like a sponge. So, I took the opportunity to teach her as much as I could during our time alone together.

Along the trail, we happened upon this BEAUTIFUL fungus on a dead log:

I explained all about how it grew and Elayna made the connection between this type of fungus and moss (which also grows in cool, damp places). Smart, I tell ya!

We talked about limestone and fossils and geodes and snakes and foxes. Elayna (quite humorously) gave her opinion of every single biker and runner that passed us on the trail. We stopped twice to have water and Powerbar Energy Gel Chews. We talked all about hydration and fuel for a hard workout and explained why we don't just eat the gels like candy at home when we aren't working out.

Here are a few Elayna gems form today that made me giggle:

E: I can't wait to grow up and have a mansion!
L: How are you gonna get a mansion?
E: I'm going to be a billionaire.
L: Oh yeah? How are you going to get that much money?
E: I'm never going to spend any of my money. Especially not on crappy things!

L: There's a runner coming up from behind us. Stay on your side of the trail while they pass.
(Runner passes)
E: Mommy...she is not very fast. She's just jogging.
L: Just because she isn't fast doesn't mean she's not a runner.
E: Um, yes it does. Jogging is in between walking and running.
L: Well, I guess you don't think I'm a runner then. Because I run really slow.
E: *exasperated sigh* Yep. Mom. You're a jogger.

We had to take a little break mid-walk for some hopscotch.

Well, Elayna's bad shoes ended up giving her a blister. I ended up carrying her on my back for a little ways (not too much...but enough to realize how WRONG it looked for a woman in a boot to be carrying a kid on her back! Haha!)

All in all, my little girl hung in there for 3.4 miles! She didn't complain once and, when we were home, I read her all the stats from my HRM. 3.4 miles, 1 hr 45 minutes at 2.5 miles per hour. 9980 steps (for me...she must have taken about 18,000 steps!)

At home, we gobbled up lunch and grabbed the rest of the kiddos to take them to the Splash Pad.

This one is really in a strange frame of mind these days...I feel like she just can't decide between "being cool" and remaining a child, expressing herself and having fun with her family. Every time we ask her to do something fun or go somewhere, she just shrugs and says she doesn't want to go. Then, she practically cries as we leave her behind with her grandparents (even though we tell her over and over that we'd love to have her join us!) It's been so confusing to me (and her!) lately. I don't know what is going on in her head...but I know she is growing up and so much is changing in her heart and in her body too. I feel her moving further from me...and it's difficult.

She wasn't going to join us at Splash Pad but, at the last second, she ran out to the car begging me to let her come. She had so much fun with her younger brother and sister. Then, I took them all out for ice cream. It was just a wonderful afternoon - one of those golden memories that you take in and try to brand on your brain so you never forget this special time.

It warmed my heart so much when we walked in the house and she was singing to her Dad and grandparents, "This was the best day ever with my Mommy!" Then, she impulsively ran up to me and hugged me tight and kissed me on the cheek and said, "Mommy! Thank you SO much! That was so much fun! Thank you."

Predictably, I am EXHAUSTED now. But, it is a sweet happy exhaustion. Full of joy and thanksgiving. I have the sweetest kids on the face of the planet. Sometimes I look at them and I can't believe I MADE them. What a blessing to know these interesting little people. They drive me absolutely insane at times, but I wouldn't trade them for the entire world. Well....not today, at least.
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