Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ok, get comfy I'm not going to lie at all this is going to be a very long one...but awesome, I thought so writing it. :)
My big goal for this challenge was to lose 27# over this 10 weeks...so far I'm down 18.2# and at the halfway..I was at 5# so I kicked some serious butt! Halfway I said I was going to try my hardest to get as close to the remaining 22# I think I've done fantastic. No complaints at all..no complaints at all about what I didn't do this challenge..I've learned I'm totally done with everything I don't or didn't ...there is now only do or done...negatives I'm definitely DONE with.
Next I said I was going to start to plan the wedding- yeah we just skipped all that and just got married...way more easier..way more fun:) much less stress...I really think maybe I think TOO much LOL.
I wanted to seriously up my cardio and ST...and I have I wasn't even getting spark trophies before now I'm getting fitness minute ones emoticon emoticon emoticona week at least now...and at least one virtual race. I'm very, VERY proud of myself with how much I've improved in this area. And I love so much that I'm running again, not like I used to but still running..logging miles! I've logged over 204 miles since I bought my new running shoes and I think that was halfway during Spring challenge..not a huge amount, but I wasn't even counting before because I wasn't going anywhere before to log LOL. So that 204 is a BIG number to me and I can't wait to double and triple it... emoticon
Done buying pants that are way too big...now i'm either fitting in clothes I had packed away or I'm buying the pants that may not fit now but will most definitely will very soon! I also started tracking my measurements this challenge and my body fat % i just took my measurements and so far only see an inch loss on my arms, but they needed it...as Kate said to me you need to get those "guns" back LOL. As for the fat% I'm down 1.5% of pure fat from when I first started measuring about 5 weeks ago. My BMI is almost out of obese and into overweight...I can't believe I'm wanting to be in an "overweight" category for an improvement LOL. I had a lot of non-scale victories this challenge..the best being friends who hadn't seen me and said WOW you've lost a lot of weight!
I stuck to my goal of not working for anyone else or me even really during these 10 weeks, this one was HUGE for me personally and very, very hard to have accomplished but I'm so very PROUD! I may be heading back home to London a few weeks earlier but it's in no way for work, at least due to MY work, I'm going back since the hubby has to get some rehearsals in before his performance at Bestival on 9/8. NO WORK FOR ACTUALLY LONGER THAN 10 WEEKS emoticon
I was just informed by this same husband of mine that I did not fulfill my goal of giving him LOTS of love and kisses these 10 weeks like I (he) had wanted LOL. Despite the fact that I did stop running and actually MARRY HIM emoticonMy response to this accusation is "well marriage usually equals less love & kisses" LMAO! AND NO WE'RE NOT ADDING DEFINITELY MAKE A BABY TO THE NEXT CHALLENGE!!!SO DON'T EVEN ASK!- this is solely directed toward the beautiful man now looking at me with a questionable pout on his face... emoticon
Anyway...back to the review. I have decided to NOT record and release my own solo album at this time...I'm saying release because I really have way too much recorded now that could easily be a few albums...oh well, I'm perfectly content with this decision. I am still struggling over the to tour or not to tour decision. He still says NO, even more so now with my recent health scare and I'm still saying YES . And knowing me as well as I do, as long as he keeps saying NO, I'll keep saying YES emoticon
I am truly ending this challenge feeling much, much more confident than starting and even more than how I felt during the end of Spring challenge. Without any exaggeration the last 10 weeks has personally been the most awful and trying time period I've had to deal with in a very long time. Perhaps is was the fact I didn't have work to distract me so much from how much my life actually sucks all the time? NO-I don't buy that one. I just really think I got dealt a horrible sucky hand for the last 10 weeks-and I'm speaking strictly of OFF SPARK things that happened during this challenge.
But I'm still HAPPY. Not the happiest I've ever been -but close. I've learned the very huge importance of true "teamwork" from all of you and it's really something I can't put into words but emoticon because I now know that it is perhaps the most important thing in relationships, life in general, here on Spark and in overall personal and supportive MOTIVATION.
I've learned ALL MEN have stupid, no very stupid moments emoticon
I have learned that "I am the master of my own destiny" in the famous words of the very wise Nelson Mandela. I plan on treating the next few weeks leading up to the fall challenge as if this one is still going without a break. I will still be working on that BIG goal of "shedding" the remaining 64.2# to go to reach my desired goal weight, but that is looking really, REALLY reachable and I'm LOVING that feeling.
I GAVE UP MEAT- ALL OF IT!!!! Who would have called that one? Certainly not me, not even close! But I'm so very glad I did and feel so much completely better physically and mentally from it. I have so much more energy now, especially now with the tumor out and my metabolism getting back to normal again. I'm really hoping the radiation treatments don't suck all of it out of me, but I KNOW, I'LL BE FINE. I'M CERTAIN OF IT.
And FINALLY after way too long...even way before I even did the funhouse tour in 2009...I have found "ME" again. The true ME that was missing from pictures I'd see of myself- the ME that is a true athlete, the ME with honest DRIVE and PASSION for life and beyond. The ME that I had pushed way back and hidden from everyone and myself for so long, But NOT anymore...and she's extremely glad to be back.
I LOVE ME!! And I seriously LOVE that I can honestly say that now, because I have NEVER been able to say it before..... emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Well Girl, What can I say you have made some major changes this summer! With all that you have accomplished, you have also movtivated the team to strive for greatness! You are awesome! Glad to call you a friend, glad to hae you as a team leader for the fall challenge! As you are I will not be breaking during this time, but will be continuing with the the plans I am working right now!
    Can't wait to rock the fall challenge with you! you go Lime GODESS!
    2433 days ago
  • AMY-MIMI77
    Jenna -- you rock on many levels (LOL)
    I get my motivation & inspiration from you.
    Thanks for getting on the road to "finding you" - I like what you found.

    2435 days ago
    2435 days ago
    Congratulations on both the weight loss and the wonderful realizations!
    2436 days ago
    You are doing such a fantastic job GF!!! I can feel your enthusiasm, your spirit, your drive. It is contagious!! You are an inspiration to me on so many levels and glad to have you as a friend. It really as made a difference. Thank you for that.

    Have a fantabulous rest of the day!!!
    2436 days ago
    Sounds awesome!!!! I am motivated by your weightloss and hardwork! Thanks for your comment. :) I will have to look into the challenge you mentioned that sounds great! Keep up the great work! Everyday is one step closer to your goals!!!
    2436 days ago
    LOVE & HUGS emoticon
    2437 days ago
  • LUCYLIN101
    You have been around a very big mountain to get back to you! I have not know you that long but I am inspired by your obvious resolve to not give up! That, combined with my need to surround myself with positive people who share the same commitment to making wise choices and life changes to reach my healthiest me keep me coming to SP. I look forward to reaching more goals as we move into the FALL!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2437 days ago
    I like that - the ultimate goal of "finding me". Good work Jenn!
    2437 days ago
    2437 days ago
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