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I am a Dawggie CL,,,,, did I ENJOY this?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

We are at the end of the 5% challenge where you do your BEST with the skills provided by the OCL's that they have us work on, by various challenges, they encourage us to do weekly,,,,,, in 8 weeks we lose 5% of our weight ! WOOHOOOOO !!!

I am the CL (Challenge Leader) for the Spirited Undah (Under) Dawgs (Dogs) who this season have done an AMAZING JOB !! WOOHOOOO !!!! If you are looking for a team that has A LOT OF SPIRIT and LOVES to SUPPORT each other,,,while excerising and doing various challenges (These are the ones, we work on in "The Spark" such as eating 5 to 9 freggies a day or drink 8 glasses a day, Eating the correct amount of protein, or not over the amount of sodium (All of these challenges are to be done, UNLESS its NOT Safe for you ! than just let the Leaders know,,,,and they will take a note of it,,,and you DO NOT DO IT !! Though the excerise has to be, AGAIN UNLESS you have an injury and need time off ! SAFTEY FIRST and ABOVE ALL Is STRESSED SO HARD On the Dawggie team, though we are a VERY HARD working team,,,,,,, we are such a LOVING, BONDING TEAM who LOVES to have NEW PUPS JOIN US !! WOOHOOOO If you'd LOVE to be one,,,, PLEASE SAY SO HERE and I'll add ur Name to the list !! OH YEAH !!! We can NOT WAIT TO HAVE YOU ABOARD !!!

So well this season,,,,,,, I am NEW to being the CL. How did I DO? Only those on the team can say and the OCL's can say. I wasn't "TOLD" to STEP DOWN During it,,, HAHAHAHAHA SO THAT's A PLUS !!! SNICKER !! SNICKER !! I knew of course that WOULD NOT be a prob for I had been the back up CL in the previous season. This time though,,,,,, it was MY turn. I HAVE HAD THE BESTEST TEACHER EVAH !! THANKS MaryAnngi !!!!!! YOUR THE BEST KIDDO !!!!! She had been the CL For MANY Seasons,,,, and WARMED UP the BIG DAWGGIE BED For me,,,,, but since she is ALSO a leader, as the Weigh in leader,,,of course I GAVE HER ,,,,, HER BED (it had FLEAS !) LOL LOL LOL And I ALSO had MY OWN BED,,,,,,, a SLEEP NUMBER Dawggie Bed,,,,from being the ML for the team (Motionval Leader) for MANY Seasons,,,,,,,,, so I knew the Dawggies, and could not WAIT to meet the NEW PUPPIES !!!!

So OFF we STARTED,,,,,,,,, and I SMILED !! LOVING IT!!!!!! Have I made any MISTAKES???? OH YEAH !! The team can tell ya,,,,,,, they recieve some team letters entitled "OOOPSIE" cos I've forgetten some links,,,,,, sent out a letter to the team, I wanted on a page for the team (MORE THAN ONCE ! HAHAHAHA Just did that AGAIN TONIGHT !!!! !! OH ME !! OH MY !!! ) but the team,,,, awwwww they are a GREAT BUNCH OF DAWGGIES !!!!!

I've GROWN during the Summah. I've always been secure with the work I do,,,, that's NOT been a problem ! SO FORTUNATELY with the Dawggies, there's been ZERO TIFFs !! Now this for a TEAM IS VERY GOOD !!! We are a LARGE TEAM of 50 DAWGGIES and yet, the ENTIRE TEAM gets ALONG SO VERY WELL !!!!! I GIVE CREDIT To my CO Leaders,,,,,, MaryAnn WL (Weigh In Leader,,,,also back up CL) Tina (ML ) Julee, Moni and Martha are the ELs,,,,,and let me tell ya,,,if you can get THREE OUTSTANDING AND EXCELLENT , HARD WORKING people as WE DO,,,,, it just MAKES THE TEAM !!! Without our 3 ELs,,,who KNOW ALL the JOBS of ML, WL,,,,and can on and INSTANCE STAND IN ,,,,WOW !! OH WOW !! I became very ill in July and Suddenly without warning ended up in the ER, than admitted to the hosp for a few days. Did the team come to a STOP??? NO IT DID NOT !! The DAWGGIES SMOOTHLY transititioned as we had spoked to: MaryAnn CL, Julee, WL the others stayed the same,,,,,only WAY MORE HARD WORKING !!!! The Challenges they did in MY SUPPORT Of getting better,,,had me IN TEARS UPON TEARS when I was still in hosp, in very bad shape,,,and MaryAnn and I talked,,,,,,, (I was TRYING to talk any hows !) and she told me of ALL The team,,,and ALSO What Kaliswalker (Lynn) had done !!! I could NOT cry out of LOVINGNESS in my HEART and SO GLAD I wasn't any sicker than I was,,,and I was. THANKS YOU DAWGGIES and YOUR DEEP LOVE !!!

I learned that weight loss, is A WONDERFUL GOAL to have, but my meds are ALL MESSED UPPED !!! My Dr's are INSISTING i STAY on them,,,,,,I KNOW I MUST for without them,,,,,,,,the pain will be even that much worse,,,and walking,,,, well its hard enough as it is,,,,,and the numbness,,,well it'd be SHEER TORTURE ! So I HAVE to do as I am. So the weight goes up,,,and I am DISCUSTED by that, but yet, I am ALSO PROUD IN THAT by having of Tracked SO MANY TIMES With GrammaMary,,,,,, I NOW KNOW I DO STAY In my 1200 to 1550 cals a DAY !! WOOHOOOOOO !!!!!!!! I have to eat soft foods,,,,,it makes thngs hard to do, but I've been learning from ALL OF YOU and MYSELF and sites you have pointed me towards,,,, and also being on LIVEMIND (Livemind.com,,,, a paid site by SPs,,,,where you take courses on various topics online,,,, face to face weekly) I can DO THIS !!! And I AM PROUD OF MYSELF for doing it and NOT chocking any longer,,,and hurting from that also !!! WOOHOOO

So as the CL,,helping YOU ALL, has /IS helping ME to See I HAVE to TAKE CARE OF ME !!!! I am LEADING BY EXAMPLE !!! Over the seasons, as we work on somethings, they are now a DAILY a part of life !! BYE BYE SALT !!! Sugah being added to things, and CHIPS !! As well as CANDY BARS !!!!! I DO Still eat junk food, but now its cakes type things,,,they are soft and go down easily. Before it'd be a WHOLE CAKE in a SITTING with MORE TO GO ,,and now? Its surely NOTHING OF SUCH !


May the Summah Break continue,,,,and soon the FALL Challenge START In Sept !!!! emoticon DAWGGIES !!!! and FRIENDS !!!
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  • CANDOK1260
    okay i might be a meow cats but i appreciated all you do for me. anyway i am happy you getting back in the grove,
    2100 days ago
    Thank you for being a great CL and thank you for making sure I track my food and stay within my calorie range(most of the time). That really helped me.
    Really looking forward to the Fall Challenge.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2101 days ago
    Diane, missed being with the SUDs this summer. DH's surgery went well, we had some good breaks, etc., but I really, really want to come back for the next challenge if there's room. If not, maybe I can get on another 5% challenge team. I know you've done a fantastic job as the CL! Hugs, Jeannie
    2105 days ago
    emoticon for all you did as our leader - you did a great job, and it was a wonderful experience for this new pup emoticon !
    2105 days ago
    Thank you Diane .You are appreciated more than you can ever (evah,see you are even passing on your accent LOL!) know ! I am looking forward to the fall challenge and I owe it all to you as you introduced me to this marvelous team ! hugs,Cheri
    2105 days ago
  • MARTY19
    I missed you guys this summer. I will come back this fall refreshed and ready to go.

    2106 days ago
    emoticon For all you did. The team was a great experience. I am looking forward to the next challenge. emoticon
    2106 days ago

    emoticon for all the work you have done during this challenge and all the previous ones. You truly are an awesome leader, and while I know that you are not tooting your own horn, I can see a lot of your points. In particular, it is great that the team gets along and the leaders get along so well, too!!! I was once a leader on a team where two of the leaders just did not get along (and I didn't even quite realize it until it was all over). One left the team. The other stepped down as a leader for personal reasons. Then the other one rejoined the team and became a leader!! Eventually, with no notice, she left Spark People altogether, and the other returned as a leader. You definitely go above and beyond the call of duty. The fact that you are continuing the challenge even though it is officially over says a lot.

    All that said, after two years of 5 percent-ing, I am going to take the next round off. I will concentrate on another challenge. The fact that you and the other leaders are so awesome makes this a difficult decision, but after debating this for many months, I think I need to give it a try. But who knows, you may see me again in the kennel in the winter!!! And you definitely will see me around Spark People. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2106 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2106 days ago
    Thank YOU, Diane! I'm so proud to be a member and leader of this wonderfully supportive team and I had a great time as Motivational Leader this season. I'm looking forward to the Fall Challenge with our new team and some new roles among our team. Our dawggies are truly amazing and I hope that many of them decide to stick with us through the summer and into the fall for the new seasonal challenge.
    2106 days ago
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