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Friday, August 17, 2012

Okay, so time to take this seriously folks...
I sat down and treated coming up with my long term goal as if it were homework:

I want to get to a healthy weight in order to be able to remain active my entire life, to increase my endurance and stamina and so I can feel more comfortable in tight spaces.

Strategy: To go with my CG husband to the base on his PT days and work out as well (3 days/week), to also utilize my workout tapes on his non-PT days (and in addition to morning PT if I am feeling extra Sparky-like today), to eat more fruits and veggies, especially as snacks.

Timeline for Long-Term Goal: May 19, 2013 - 150
Medium-Term Milestones: Oct 11 - 194, Dec 5 - 183, Jan 29 - 172, Mar 25 - 161
Fitness test- increase crunches to 30 in a minute, increase pushups to 30
(I took the test today but mistakenly did situps ((Army life made me do it!)), I did 20 and am not sure how that matches up with crunches....I guess I'll find out in a month)

Short Term Actions: More fruits and veggies, lots o' water, exercise and general activity

Extra Incentive: For everyday I make my goals I will set aside a dollar towards buying a violin (I always wanted to learn to play...) ((I stole the "dollar a day" idea from a fellow Sparker!))

Now to print this off and stick it in front of my desk and on the fridge! (with a picture of a healthy vibrant older woman!) With it posted, my hubby can also check up on me and keep me straight. He's good about that stuff... :)

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