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The perfect exercise (a confession)

Friday, August 17, 2012

I was just commenting to someone thinking of buying wii fit, about how I used to think there was the ultimate exercise system, one that would be fun, easy, fast or effective enough to get me off my tuffet and use it. Something that is better than what I already had, which at the end of last year included:

-Pedometer ($40)
-Weighted fitness shoes ($100)
-Jogging stroller ($150)
-Swiss Ball ($15)
-Chinning bar (LOL this came with the house and we can't remove it)
-Rollerblades ($100)
-Bicycles (over $300 which was on sale, but that bike was slightly too big for me)
-Dance Dance Revolution (about $100?)
-Wii Fit Plus ($100 when we got it, we already had the Wii)
-Marcy stack machine with pulldown ($100 from the thrifty nickel)
-Free weights- plates and dumbell/barbells ($100 ish)
-18 pairs of dumbells ranging from 1 to 65 pounds (50 cents a pound?)
-Pressing bench with leg developer ($200 for the olympic compatible model)
-Treadmill (free from a lady at church who didn't have room for it)
-Rowing machine ($50 used, hydraulic kind though my brother taught me on a Concept 2)
-Recumbent stationary bike ($200 and $350, we wore one out because my husband does use this)
-Trikke ($500 for the Air model, this was the last straw. Perfect exercise? sure but I wasn't fit enough to use it without injuring myself)

With all this, I sometimes used to think it would be nice to have a dog because that would force me to go for a walk.

The total is $2205, not counting the dumbells since those fall under my husbands stuff, nor the first recumbent cycle. A lot of the weightlifting stuff we got while doing Body for Life back in 2001, which worked great until it didn't.

The sick part is that 4 rooms of our house (which is a pretty large house) have exercise equipment, 2 of them taken up with it, if you don't count the living room where I do a lot of my spark workouts or the garage where several of the items are kept. I could have a heck of a yardsale, except my husband probably would not go for it, even though he pretty much just uses the recumbent bike.

At the start of this year I resolved to take a different apparatus each month and use it, but not surprisingly that hasn't worked out so good.

I am currently on my 11th day of exercising since I got back from vacation, doing 10 minutes a day. Somedays I do more, but it's simple and achievable. There was a feature article yesterday about the myths of aiming too high in setting goals. This confession is a testament to that. I don't need a particular exercise trinket. I just need to make it happen, starting with 10 minutes a day.
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