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Someone please tell me that is Spiderman in my tub

Friday, August 17, 2012

It has been an interesting week. First we ran into those storms on Sunday while driving back from Oklahoma. Last night, I had another minor panic attack.

I had just gotten home, walked in my room to change out of my work clothes and walked in my bathroom. That's when it happened. I saw it immediately and barely managed to stop myself from screaming. A HUGE spider sitting in my shower. I am not talking about a mediocre spider. I am talking a spider almost the size of my palm. HUGE. Just sitting there, chillin' in my shower like he owned the place. I backed out of the room slowly and then did the "oh my gosh I'm gonna die" freaked out dance in my bedroom while I tried to regain my composure.

I grabbed my phone and sent a text to the bf (because of course, this happens when I am home all alone, all night) telling him that I have just encountered the biggest spider of my life. He tells me to catch it and set it free outside. I am pretty sure I thought about telling him to go jump off a cliff. I am not about to attempt to catch this thing. All I can envision is it jumping on me in the process and my heart officially exploding.

So I go to the kitchen to look for something, anything to deal with this thing. I grab a brand new bottle of bug spray I had bought the day before that I was planning on putting around all my doors and baseboards, a broom and the biggest jar I could find.

I go back to the bathroom. The freaking spider is not there anymore!!!! Holy crappola! Where did that beast of a thing go?? I tentatively walked back in the bathroom, checking every inch as I went. Nothing. I send another text to bf. He tells me to stay calm and that it doesn't care anything about me and probably crawled down the drain or back behind a wall where it came from. I tell him in return that it will probably crawl in bed with me in the middle of the night and begin the process of eating me. He replies that at least I won't be lonely....

I go back to the bathroom again. I decide to spray the bug spray around the door to possibly deter it from crossing the threshold into my bedroom. Then I begin going around all the baseboards and the edge of my shower. I use the broom handle to push back the shower curtain and that thing goes running across the bottom of the shower. Fast. He is obviously more of a runner than I am. I panic again. Now I know it is capable of chasing me down. I spray a stream of the spray at him but he is too fast for me. I back out of the bathroom again but keep my eye on the shower to make sure he doesn't come out. All this time I wonder where my cat is and why he hasn't decided to make a meal of this thing. I am pretty sure that he is smart and knows that spider will kick his cat-a$$.

I wait patiently for about 30 seconds and then go back in the bathroom armed with the broom and the jar. I have to trap this thing and find out what kind of spider it is and that way I know if I need to employ some major duty pest-terminators. I see that when I push back the curtain again he runs, but not as fast as he had previously. I think he ran through the spray and it is starting to slow him down. I am almost pretty sure that at this point that my hair brushed across my back and I panicked, just knowing there was another that was crawling up my back. Mirror check. Nope...just my hair. Breathe Becky....

Now I am positive that he ran through the spray because he is not running anymore, but stumbling when I get the curtain moved out of the way. I decide that it is time for me to suck it up, stop being a wuss and trap this dude. Armed with my big ole jar I go for it. He is caught. He goes in circles for a minute and then just starts to draw his legs up under himself. I relax a little, knowing that at least for now he is not going anywhere. I go back to the living room and try to relax enough to eat. I am pretty sure that I was paranoid the entire time, sure that I could feel something crawling on me. I pulled my legs up on the couch and decided that I wasn't going to go back in there for a while. I had seen enough for now and inspecting this thing any closer was just going to make it harder for me to sleep. I knew basically what it looked like so I got online and began looking at pictures of large Texas spiders.

Let me just state now that it probably did nothing to make me feel any better about being in that house at the moment.

All sorts of huge, freaky looking spider pictures online. Up close. Eyes looking at you. I just knew somewhere his family knew what I had done and would come looking for revenge.

I do think I identified it though. A Rabid (yeah, that made me feel nice and safe) Texas Wolf Spider. Are you kidding me???

He stayed in the jar all night. I did eventually go to bed. Only after thoroughly checking my bed and shaking out my bedding. And I did manage to sleep. I got up this morning and he was dead as could be in that jar. I finally got up the nerve to really look at him and see if I had identified him properly, and I am pretty sure that I was spot on with my identification. I tossed him outside to rest in peace with rest of the bugs. And I got in the shower. And tried not to envision scenes from Arachnophobia (which lucky for me was on the previous night so it was very fresh in my memory).

I survived. And now I am pretty sure that I still do not like really big spiders.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    YIKES! That would have done me in as well! I HATE spiders! We have these super fast sun spiders here that are huge and freaky as well. Glad you caught him and dispatched him!
    2074 days ago
  • HEAT7918
    I had to look up pictures and... Holy crap!! No way... I would have just trapped it in the bathroom until the next day if I couldn't get someone to come over to kill it right away. You are very brave!!
    2075 days ago
    I've never been afraid of spiders...until my younger daughter called me because she locked one in the bathroom inside the toilet, and taped the toilet shut , and taped the door and put a warning sign on the door. I came home and laughed...I mean, we live in can't be that big....I opened the door removed the tape from the toilet, looked inside...slammed the lid...ran out of the bathroom taped the door shut and called my BF to come kill it...He came over took a look, and said "You're on your own!" Both of us kept running in and tried to flush jumped out and started to chase him so he killed it. It is funny now...but the three of us were screaming! emoticon
    2076 days ago
    Ew! But where's the photo?!
    2076 days ago
    You are a very brave individual. Yikes! Slowed down or not, I would never have been able to get close enough to put that jar over it.
    I could never move any further south than MN....just for the size of the spiders. :)
    2076 days ago
    I'm totally freaking out just reading this. oh. my. god. I need to try to forget this now and read something else - CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would've FREAKED!
    2076 days ago
    Oh I would FREAK out. I freaked out when I was preparing to shower one day and there was a spider crawling on my towel. I ran upstairs and grabbed the hubby and was telling him this was a huge spider (in actuality he wasn't that big) on my towel and what if I hadn't seen it BEFORE I used the towel? I had creepy crawliy feelings for days. Not to mention I will never forgot to shake out my towel before use now.. UGH. Montana spiders are big too..but I've seen TX spiders and they are HUGE. You are way more brave than me. I would have shut the bathroom door, left a towel under it and pee'd outside! HAHAHAHA.
    2076 days ago

    Now I'm going to feel spiders crawling up my legs the rest of the day!!! emoticon
    2076 days ago
    Daddy long legs are ok, but any other spider gets squished quickly. I don't think I could handle that big of a spider though.

    I once freaked out over a lizard in our home once when we were in AZ. I think it was a gecko, but it got in with no doors opened, so who knows what else could have crawled in through my bathroom? I couldn't go to the bathroom without turning on all the lights after that in that apartment.
    2076 days ago
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