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King Size Mistake

Friday, August 17, 2012

So last night, I ate a King Size Snickers bar.

Actually, it was bigger than a King Size Snickers bar because instead of two bars inside it there were three -- and each bar was a whopping 572 calories! I'd eaten one and was halfway through the second before this dramatic wave of remorse and guilt flooded over me. What the h#ll was I doing? Now I'd screwed up Sunday's weigh-in for sure! I started running the numbers in my head, doing the math to try and figure out how I could counteract this 850+ calorie mistake. I was panicked and sick inside and I felt such incredible despair...

...and then the phone rang, and I woke up.

It had all been some freaky weight loss dream! Once I realized it wasn't real, that I hadn't just eaten some comically ginormous candy bar from hell, I was so relieved -- and then I promptly felt bad about feeling such a huge sense of relief. Am I focusing too much on weight loss and subconsciously stressing myself out about it? I mean, I haven't felt stressed, but I have felt very...focused. Determined. Goal-oriented. Those are all good things, aren't they?

Also, I'm kind of weirded out by the fact that my taboo, binge-in-dreams-only food was a candy bar. I don't even *like* chocolate! It would've made sense if it were pizza or a bagel or something like that, but sweets? Not my thing at all. Of course, I actually *have* eaten pizza and bagels recently, in moderation, so maybe my id just isn't craving them...

Who knows? I know it's just a dream, I shouldn't let it worry me, right?
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    I always think of my subconscious as WAAAAY smarter than me (why not, she's certainly better at sports!). So my guess would be that your subconscious is trying to tell you to treat yourself well or else you'll do something silly to sabatoge yourself. Might not be a king sized candy bar. Don't take it too literally :) Just pay attention!
    2310 days ago
    Last night I dreamed that we had an entrance to our garage from our living room with slides that went into the backyard. And then I found a bunch of storage space, a flat-screen tv and another bathroom in our basement that I didn't know were there. I think I've been working too much on my house, and spending way to much time with high VOC chemicals!

    Even if you *had* eaten that candy bar... as long as you hopped right back on plan, it wouldn't matter.

    Also, only in our dreams would a King Size Snickers have THREE candy bars inside! Yum!!!
    2313 days ago
    Ok.. That is a kinda weird dream. Go back to normal zombie dreams... Or dreams of flying naked.
    2313 days ago
    I think in a way it is sort of a sign of stress... motivation and determination are wonderful things, but obviously stress is not. And when stress levels go up the body produces cortisol and weight loss can stall. Now, I'm not saying these things to freak you out... but just watch for other signs of weigh-loss stress. If you start to have more dreams like this, or notice other signs, it might be time to re-evaluate your approach- for example, are you being to rigid about something or focusing on the wrong thing- modify your approach and keep going.

    Until then, it's just a funny dream! I quit smoking in 2004 after smoking 2 packs a day for 13 years. (I was 13 when I started and 26 when I quit!- I had smoked half my life!!! lol) I quit cold turkey and without planning. I simply said, "I quit" and threw a pack of smokes out my car window while I was going down the road. (I'm ordinarily not a litter-bug!) Sometimes I have dreams that I am smoking again, and in my dreams I am in a complete PANIC about it. I am freaking out trying to figure out why and how I could start up again. And then I wake up and sigh a HUGE sign of relief that it was just a dream! So it happens to all of us!

    Sorry for the rambling! Hope this helps! :)
    2313 days ago
    That would be freaky! I've had dreams about talking to my boyfriend and woken up thinking that we had the conversation only to be completely confused when he (oddly!) doesn't remember it. On the flip side, I've apparently carried on conversations with my boyfriend while asleep because in the morning I don't remember a word but he swears he thought I was awake!

    I've never dreamed about eating candy bars though, that would definitely freak me out :-) emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2313 days ago
    I have panic dreams almost nightly about swallowing my contacts (which I don't even wear anymore) or other inedible stuff and jolt awake flipping out. My poor husband thinks I am a scary sleeper. Most of the time it is before he is in bed yet so in the beginning of the night.

    Funny dream. You must be worried about eating too much or the wrong thing.
    2313 days ago

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