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Left Behind

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Friday, August 17, 2012

If you have been on this journey long I'm sure you have had others join you for a time. Perhaps it was a family member or coworker. Maybe it was a close friend or neighbor. Sometimes this person bolts on ahead of you leaving you in their dust. I had a friend do just that speeding on to a fairly rapid 70 pound weight loss while I was still struggling to get those 1/2 pound losses each week.

It CAN be a little discouraging to be left behind. I want to spend a little time today encouraging you not to feel this way.

FIRST - Every person has their own journey to make. No one can make it for you and your body and circumstances vary from another's.

SECOND - Your journey is not measured by another's but by your own course. Look behind you and see how far you have come. Even if it's not a huge number on the scale it might be measured in more activity, better nutrition choices, improved stamina and health and mental attitude. ALL of these things are a measure of success.

THIRD - Don't be jealous of another's progress. Celebrate their success and write your own chapter in the book of winners! You haven't FAILED at anything. Your journey is just different.

FOURTH - Remember your goals. WHY are you on this journey? YOUR goals may differ from another's. Keep your focus and press on!

While I'm still "obese" I look back 2 years ago and see that I have made HUGE progress. I've lost 76 pounds since joining SP and 91 total. I no longer need a seat belt extension. I can walk two miles. I exercise daily. I can move again and enjoy gardening. I have better health. I'm off many medications. I sleep better. I have more endurance. I am more confident. I smile more. I have made MANY friends. I'm enjoying the journey!

Yes, I've got a ways to go yet on my journey and many are at the destination already enjoying the fruits of their labors. I'm enjoying life RIGHT where I am and still pressing on! That's the key. Life doesn't begin at the finish line - you are living it now!

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. YOUR celebration is coming!

Press On!
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