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Ways to be successful in weight loss...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I have gotten a ton of new friend requests and I would like to thank you all and say welcome to spark if you are new or glad to meet you if you have been around for a while. I figured I would lay out some things that have been very successful for me when I started and that I use to this day and will hopefully use the rest of my life.

I kind of break it down into a 3 part plan. Mind, Body and Food.

I will take food first. First thing I did was stop eating fried foods. Especially fried fast foods. Second I started watching calorie intake. Setting up my range here on spark and tried hard to stay in range. Next thing I did was focus on foods I like. Lean meat, fruits, broccoli, spinach etc. I ate MORE of those. Never have I starved myself or got by on just shakes. I EAT. yesterday I ate 8 tacos over lunch and dinner and I weighed in the lowest I have in two weeks. I am not advising to go out and gorge on tacos lol. Just using it as an example. There is a ton of info on spark on food and we all have different tastes. I would say try to lower your sodium, preservatives and artificial stuff in your diet. Eat as natural/organic as your budget allows. I think it will help a lot not only in weight loss but overall health. Educate your self on food. then you can make better estimates on how much you are consuming. I like to eat the same things in different ways so it makes it easy and I don't get bored.

Second is body. Getting that body in motion. I do not advise p90x or insanity or those types of workout if you were starting out like I was at nearly 400 pounds. I started walking a mile. Each week I would try to go a little farther. Also the pool is a great tool if you are heavy or have knee/joint pain. I know a lot of my friends here do water workouts. When I started I went to the gym and would do 7 minutes on 3 machines (bike, elliptical, treadmill). I started at the lowest levels. each week I would raise the speed or incline or resistance and do an extra minute or two on each. I did this until I could do an hour of cardio without dying lol. I also do strength training. I have done strength training my whole life so this came easy to me but I know it doesn't for a lot of people. If not go to a strength class or try to invest in a trainer. Or even watch the videos here on spark. For strength I try to do more circuit training now. Lots of reps with little rest in between. Start light and work your way up as strength increases. I know it can be intimidating ask for help.

Lastly but definitely not least is Mind. We all are on spark for a reason. We all have an inner demon that has manifested it's way into an unhealthy lifestyle. Some people are successful in weight loss without conquering this. They trade a food addiction for a workout addiction. Never dealing with the why's and what fors that has gotten them to the point of being unhealthy. This is the biggest and hardest battle of all. It's not one you have to fight alone. Seek help, seek the support here. But know you are deserving of a healthy and happy life no matter what personal crosses you bear. You are worth the work. You are worth being believed in and believing in yourself. You have to get to a point where you can love the overweight you. Most start this journey because they hate what they have let themselves become. Hate however will not get you to your goals. All of the success stories here have one thing in common they love who they have become. That is what you have to do . The sooner you love who you are and who you will become the easier this journey will be.

Anyway I felt compelled to share these things that have helped me. I have taken so much from this site in the way of knowledge and support I just hope to give a tenth of that back. Remember you can do this. I heard this the other day and it has stuck with me.

You may not see how you are going to get to your goals but you have to trust yourself that you will. You can drive from LA to NYC at night and never see more than a mile in front of you. Yet you can go over 3000 miles that way.

What I would say is don't focus on the 3000 miles ahead focus on that one mile. Or that one pound ahead. Then the next and so on. Soon you will be further than you ever imagined.

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