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A Plea for the Spark People Community

Thursday, August 16, 2012

So here I am again. Staring at my spark page and wondering what keeps making me turn my back on this page and the people and honestly, myself. I have 0 excuses for why I keep doing this, why I just log on here and scan everything and then log back off to not return for a few months. I open my email and see that people have left me comments or goodies but I just ignore it like it never happened.

I don't like being fat.

So, I need help. I feel like I can ignore things too easily so I am pretty sure the only way I'll ever reach a rock bottom is by actually having a heart attack or ending up with diabetes. I don't want to deal with either. Ever. Period.

So what do I do? How do I make this a permanent part of my life?

I was watching Big Brother After Dark the other night and watching them all work out and being covered in sweat like literally soaked shirts and pushing hard and there was this guy named Joe who's not as physically fit as the others and while they were pushing hard he was walking back and forth and I laughed at him for only walking while the rest of them were working hard. Like a slap in the face I thought.. how can you even laugh at this guy.. he's doing a lot more tonight than you have all summer... okay.. all year really. Believe me, I will never laugh at him again.. well.. except at the funny faces he makes when he does push hard.

I need advice. Tips. Comments. Whatever you got that could jar something in me to push me into this again and to make it permanent this time. I do wanna do this but for now I need more than just myself for encouragement to keep going.

I need you guys.
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    For me, I was only successful once I started wanting something, rather than wanting NOT something. That is, once I started wanting more energy, more strength, better health, etc. As opposed to wanting to not be fat. Does that make sense? It really changed my mindset and made it far easier to be successful.

    Also, always know that you have lots of wonderful support and resources available to you here. Even if all you need is a cheerleader! There are plenty of us that are happy to help!

    2405 days ago
    Everyone needs a wake up call. I tried so many times to try and lose weight, and was anywhere from 130-170+ over the past 7 years. I knew I was at risk of getting this or having that, but it wasn't until I was really really diagnosed with something scary that was the big wake up call. I finally put two and two together and realized that even though I am sick, I can make it be less bad, less problematic.

    Maybe, just maybe, if you don't think of your self, as "Hey I will get diabetes one day." Think of yourself as "pre-diabetic" already, or even diabetic. Even though my disease hasn't gone into full fledge Type 2 Diabetes yet, it will (no matter what I do). So I might as well get my butt into gear and make it the most mild case of Type 2 around.

    Losing weight isn't 20% exercise/80% diet, it's 100% mental. Everything is in your head....and that's when and where you have to sort this stuff out.

    Take a breath, figure out what works for you, and be selfish. This is a big one for me. I told my parents, that I'm going to be selfish for once and for them to let me be. I don't work, currently just re-enrolled in one college class, and I still live at home. But I am using this time to get my insulin resistance, PCOS, high cholesterol and weight under control. I am being selfish, and it's what I need to do.

    I hope it clicks for you, but until it does, nothing anyone can say will help. It's all you babe....and you can do it! Trust me, the mind is a wonderful thing, and can do whatever you know it can.

    Now, go changes those "if's" to "whens" and those "but's" into "can do's"!!!!!!!!

    You can do it!!!! (Waterboy voice....)
    2405 days ago
    You came back! That's a great sign! You know where to come for help & support - SparkPeople! When I look back at my blogs on SP, I see how many times I started, disappeared, then came back. This time, I've accomplished more than my other times on SP, and I feel like I've established a healthy routine. I still have days that I don't eat right or don't get my exercise in...but overall, when I look at the big picture, I'm headed in the right direction.

    You have many great ideas already in these replies, so I don't have much to add. You really do have to find something you like to do for exercise and something that you can stick with. Walking was my main thing, and then I started toying with the idea of weather I could start running. It became a challenge for me and I started the C25K program. That was the start of a whole new venture. Now I'm all into running, learning about it and how can I improve. I've only been at it since mid Feb 2012 and I'm slow but it has really helped me lose weight.

    I watch BB too and know who you're talking about - Joe. :) We aren't subscribed to the internet feed though so we just see what makes it to TV. In the past we've subscribed but found that they were sleeping a lot or it would be just boring viewing, so we didn't do it this time. Who is your favorite? I'm still undecided. I like Dan. I think Will is playing a good game, too. I can't stand Boogie! And Brittany is getting on my nerves too! :) Ok...enough about that! Sorry...

    I love your background wallpaper! Very interesting & cool!

    One last bit of advice that helped me...I am OCD about logging on to SP everyday and logging my food, exercise, reading blogs, getting all my points, etc. This has been an awesome place for support and help! I LOVE the SP community!! As I've said before, I'm on SP more than I am on FB!

    We're all here for you! :) You can do it!
    2405 days ago
    These are great suggestions! I agree that the only way to do this is through SMALL changes. No kidding- instead of eating healthy, I decided to stop eating things that we're good for me piece by piece. One step was "quitting" McDs. Then KFC. Then anything with MSG. Then anything with an ingredient I didn't recognise. Then anything in a box. Then anything with added sugar. Then anything with caffeine. And so on. Until I was happy with the nutrition of my diet. One small step at a time will get you there.
    2405 days ago
    Great advice from the other comments. Sift through them and put together a plan that you can work and live with.
    2406 days ago
    Keep coming back. You don't have to be perfect. You don't have to change all at once. Make a small change and stick with it. When you've got that, work on another area. Set goals and make them happen. Keep logging on to Spark. Even if you just spin the wheel. Take some time and get some points. The concepts take time to sink in. it's a mental not just a physical change and changing your mentality takes time and effort and belief. You CAN do this. You are capable. You want to change. You want a healthy, active life. You want to change. The Spark site is designed to help you make permanent lifestyle changes. Follow the program, track your food. Get 10 minutes of movement EVERY day. Start a streak. Walk, lift weights, ride a bike, dance, any kind of movement is good. Every day and you can always do more. Start with 10 and make it a habit. With food, pay attention to your body's cues. Hunger cues, thirst (drink water), and how the food makes you feel--does it give you energy, make you satisfied or leave you feeling sluggish? That helps me eat food that makes my body feel its best. Progress, not perfection. Every day, make small changes. You don't have to change overnight.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2406 days ago
    A motto that I lived by when my daughter was battling a terminal physical disability: "A setback is a setup for a comeback." I posted that in her bedroom so that whenever we got bad news we used that as motivation to prove the doctors wrong. Prove yourself wrong.

    "Also, six months from now, you are going to wish you started today."
    2406 days ago
  • ALLI1358
    The only thing that works for me is to make it fun! I cannot go to the gym because I get bored out of my mind. Instead I play video games like Wii Fit, Just Dance, Dance Dance Revolution, and Wii Sports. I also can't walk by myself for the same reason of boredom so I'll bring my phone and call people or listen to some really awesome music and rock out on my walk or take a dog (even if I don't own one there's always animal shelters that look for dog walkers). And the same goes for food! I actually didn't think that eating healthy could be fun until I watched Not My Mama's Meals on the cooking channel. It's Paula Dean's son and he cuts out at least 500 calories from her meals and keeps them just as fun and flavorful.
    Don't give up girl! The only time you fail is when you fail to try! Make a rewards list of things you always wanted to do but haven't because weight stopped you mentally or physically.
    2406 days ago
    It sounds like you're ready to make permanent changes. Acknowledging that you're ready to make changes and being open to trying new things really is a HUGE first step. Take it one day at a time - one day of eating a little cleaner, exercising a little more - and before you know it that day has become a week, then a month and beyond.
    2406 days ago
    Figure out what you want more than anything. Something you can't ignore. Tie it to your fitness & healthy eating goals.

    One of mine is to be able to wear the two pairs of knee-high boots in my closet. They stare me in the face every morning when I get ready for work. A good motivator, to be sure, but I would probably also just sit around and do nothing if I didn't tie it to something else.

    In order for me to fit into those boots, I need smaller legs. To get smaller legs, I need to run. To motivate me to run, I need to sign up for races. If I pay money for something, you better believe I'm going to do it! Oh, and running is useless if I don't eat right, so rather than waste my time, I make sure I'm also fueling my body properly. It's not going to happen overnight. It took me years to get the right combo and mindset. Just keep trying. And next time you're watching people workout on TV, get up and join them!!
    2406 days ago
    Find an activity you can enjoy and do daily. I walk my dogs. I may always feel like it but they do so off we go. I joined the C25K team challenge and my dogs are only too happy to run with me.
    Join a gym.
    Do the sp ex videos.
    Just find something you enjoy doing and do it!
    2406 days ago
    Hang in there! This a long road. There are bumps and slips and life and all kinds of things along the way. But you can only take it one step at a time and when you fall you get back up. It's a commitment you make to yourself every day. Every day is a chance to do better than the day before. If you slip, that's not failure, failure is giving up entirely.

    You haven't failed. You can do this.
    2406 days ago
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