A couple of tough days...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My pups went in for a dental cleaning yesterday. I lost sleep over it on Tuesday night, because general anesthesia always freaks me out. So on Wednesday, which was my older daughter's birthday AND the day of the cleaning, I was already worn out.

I woke up early, and took the pups in. I came home, took the birthday girl (Em) and a friend to their first day of high school orientation (ohmygosh!). I got home again around 8:15am, and the calls started.

What I thought was a simple cyst on Binkley (one of my sweet pups) had the doc a bit worried. He wanted to take it off. So, I agreed to that. Another call, a tooth on Binkley needs to be extracted. Ok. Another call, Milo needs an xray for a chipped tooth. Ok. Another call, got the cyst. Good.

I made cupcakes for Em, whose girl scout troop was bridging to seniors and celebrating her birthday. I picked she and her friend up from school and brought them to our place. I did work on my current review.

At 3pm, exhausted and wishing I could have a minute to catch up on sleep, I went back to the vet to pick up the pups. They should have warned me. Binkley has a large shaved area, and a rather large wound with many stitches. The cyst was only a centimeter, so I wasn't expecting this. I got emotional, and learned what I needed to do for him. As I was leaving the vet's office, a woman screamed "What happened to your dog???" Yeah, I needed that.

I called my daughters, to warn them about their pup, and then I drove home. I was so sleep deprived and emotional that when my daughter opened the door to the garage, I waved at her instead of carefully guiding my van into the garage, and hit the wall. UGH. I took a good bit of paint off of the house and dented the van.

I got inside with the pups, and the girls were sad. I had about 15 minutes to rest, then took the friend home, then helped with a snack for Em, then it was off to the country club for the girl scout party. I dropped her off at 6pm, and then crashed.

Unfortunately, Binkley started chewing on his stitches, and I had to put the cone of shame on him. He's never worn it, and was bumping into everything and yelping. I made the decision to take it off of him and sleep with my arm over him to keep his wound safe. He's not allowed in my bed though, so it was on the couch for an uncomfortable and fitful night of sleep.

This morning, I'm barely human, but I have a ton to do. I'm trying to get the schoolwork done, but Binkley has to be nearby so I can watch him, and he can't go outside by himself.

It has certainly been a rough couple of days, and we've got a few more to go. I ate a very healthy breakfast, and I will work out as soon as I need my first break from schoolwork.

Man. Do I want an entire bag of potato chips and several reese's peanut butter cups? Yeah I do.

But writing all this down is making me realize that the last thing I need is to fill my body with junk. I'll feel worse, not better. So, sparkfriends, I'll try my best to skip that path, and find my way to a better place as soon as possible.

(I do realize that my trials are not so bad... MANY people are dealing with much more. They are, however, trials for me. I'll be bouncy and happy again soon, I'm sure of it.)

In happier news, I joined the maintaining team here on SP, and it seems like a lovely and supportive place. I strongly recommend that all of you check it out when you near your goal weight. They have lots of great ideas, and welcome people who join early to learn about maintenance before they are there. My best to you all, I hope your day is a great one!

(*edited to add*) - ummm.. that was long. sorry. sleep deprivation and stress make me even more verbose than usual.
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    Deep breath in...hold...deep breath out.

    Phew. That was a rough, exhausting patch. You know you've had more than enough to handle when even the good stuff (Happy birthday to the daughter!) becomes overwhelming. But you've managed the steepest part of the climb. And after you've had some sleep, you'll be able to look back and be proud of how your mindfulness during the situation and you're ability to pull through without the aid of peanut butter cups. Well done and here's hoping pup heals well and soon.
    2440 days ago
    So sorry you had to deal with so much. I too had a very upside down day yesterday. It's great that you chose to blog about it and renew, instead of giving into emotional eating which, as you realized, would have only added to the stress.

    Thanks for the tip on joining the maintaining team. I'm close to goal and will join now to get a handle on that future life!

    I hope tomorrow is a better day for you and the pups!
    2440 days ago
  • no profile photo GARBLEDEEGOOK
    Sorry about the tough day. Sounds like you made it through. Trials and tribulations are what rocks our boat; it can be too much sugar in our coffee or a loss of some kind etc. So, you're allowed to feel exhausted when it happens regardless of what it looks like from another's perspective. :)

    I hope boring normality comes back soon and my best to the puppy. emoticon
    2441 days ago
    Try the tshirt if it covers the stitches, worked wonders for Fauna. I am thinking of you! I will call tomorrow. Hugs!!!
    2441 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    Our kids will always be babies in our eyes, but our puppies! oh, they need us and dont understand why they hurt & cone of shame. Be grateful that you have a good vet and that advances in technology (cell phone!) meant you could hear about and approve the expanded surgery in a single anesthetic treatment.

    We would all understand if you had a Reese's, but are MORE proud that you are staying away under tough, stressful times.
    2441 days ago
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