First Day of S-COOL-ness

Thursday, August 16, 2012

YAY! It's the first day of school! *jumps up and down like a little girl*

Seriously, do our kids even realize how happy we are when they go back to school? I'll never forget that one commercial a few years back when the parents are all tearful and sad and the kids are looking at them like, "You poor things!" as they get on the school bus. And then the bus drives away and the kids look back to see the adults smiling, laughing, high-fiving, jumping up and down and dancing around with their hands in the air. I laughed and thought, "Yep. That's just about right."

I am so happy that my kids will be doing positive things throughout the day and not sitting around the house letting the computers and XBox eat their brains! I can't wait to hear about all they've learned and the projects they're doing and what kind of math they're learning and what happened at recess! For me, it just means healthier, more-active, learning and growing children...and I can't even express how happy that makes me. For as much as I kick them out of the house during the summer...9 times out of 10 they will sit on the porch griping about how I kicked them out or talking about a video game (yes, they TALK about video games like it's normal conversation!) until I let them back in and they can go back to their holes to hide their heads and let their brains be eaten.

Yay school!!

I sent Ethan off today with a healthy dairy and gluten free lunch. I had to spend a little more than I would have liked, but I wanted to make sure he has the best chance possible to not get teased because of the weird foods he's eating. It's not like he explain why he has to eat that way...that would be too humiliating! I bought him a new lunchbox as well so he wouldn't have to cart around a Kroger plastic bag or something similar. *lol* Whatever way I can help. (Though, mark my words...I will be buying a new lunch pail in about a month or so because he's "lost" this one...and I didn't remember to mark it with his name last night so let's at least hope it comes home tonight so I can do that when I get home.)

Shopping at the store last night was hilarious. I took Hubs with me, who is currently self-treating his psoriasis with a diet of no refined sugars. (His hands are clearing up...but that could also be because of the medicated cream they gave him to put on.) We also had a talk about him going out to eat lunch every day at work, so last week he bought himself stuff to make sandwiches in his office. I just smiled. I knew he didn't know. "Uhm, you know there's usually sugar in bread, right?"

He looked at me and scoffed. "Whatever!"

"There's sugar in a lot of things you wouldn't think there was sugar in..."

And the next 30 minutes or so in the store I kept feeling like I needed a pat on the back because I was right...and he had to admit it.

The lunchmeat he bought last week for his sandwiches?
The bread he so loved and bought last week - a whole grain yummy healthy looking bread?

And all the time he thought he was doing good.

By the end of the night he turned to me as he went to put some ketchup on a hotdog and said, "Oh my god...there's sugar in ketchup, isn't there?" *lol* "Yep." (And, yes, I then told him there was also probably sugar in the bun and the hot dog he was about to put the ketchup on.)

At one point he turned to me and said, "So what do people who don't eat sugar EAT when they just want a snack or to munch?"

Dried fruit.
Fresh fruit.
All-natural meats cut in bite-sized pieces.
Things like that.

I showed him the raw sugar and natural sugar alternatives in the baking aisle, and then asked him, "Why? Are you thinking of just eating a spoonful of this plain?" "Yes." he said. And he wasn't even joking (I don't think). "No!" I said firmly. "THAT is where I draw the line!"

He was so happy with the nuts idea he immediately went over to grab some dry roasted peanuts - lightly salted. WITH SUGAR IN THEM! *lmao* Okay, that one even threw me for a loop. Why the hell do you need sugar in dry roasted peanuts? You need peanuts, an oven, and salt. Done and done.

He found some alternative (I think the unsalted and the ones with salt were fine...just the "lightly salted" while I picked up some sunflower kernels for Ethan's lunchbox.

Oh, what great lessons we're all learning!

My goal is to find some things I can make and bake or some alternatives for snacking I can keep around the house so Hubs and the boys all have things at their disposal 24-7. I did buy 3 bundles of grapes, which I know everyone will eat, and will work tonight or tomorrow on getting them cleaned and put in a bowl so they can just grab them when they want them.

On a side note - getting out of bed this morning was torture! If it hadn't been for school starting, the webinar I have at the office later today, and the fact that I pushed a friend into a workout yesterday and felt like I would be a darn fool if I then missed my own because I didn't "feel like it"...I'd be at home right now...happy...sleeping...not sore. *lol*

Football tonight. Going to call Hubs in a bit and see if he can pop something in the crock before he leaves for work. Otherwise the boys will have to do it when they get home.

Have a good first day of school everyone!! Whether you have kids or means that fall is coming!!!!! (I *love* fall!)
You can read about my adventures with packing Ethan's lunch, and some updates on his condition, as well as a review of a new food product we've tried over at The Life & Times of the Fit Fat Girl.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I loved having school-age kids and seeing them going back to school. Whoopee. Now I could have me-time. Now I work in a school and I'm the one who has to go back. A whole different perspective. Now, it's a whole lot less me-time. I appreciated your object lesson with your husband. I am, at least, more aware of the problem than he appears to be. I'm trying to cut back on my sugar, without giving it up altogether. It seems like I'd be giving up a lot more than just sugar.
    3225 days ago
    Hahahah, it's amazing the crud that is actually in the foods we eat. I love "introducing" someone to label reading, they get ALL mad and offended.... using your example "WHY is there SUGAR in PEANUTS!?!?" emoticon

    Thanks for the laugh!
    3225 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10795864
    Wow, school starts early where you live!

    Up here north of the border, school kicks in the day after labor day!


    > emoticon
    3225 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    I hear 8-year-old daughter is starting to kvetch about how "boring" day camp is. Unfortunately, she doesn't go back till September 4th!!!
    3225 days ago
    I love back-to-school and fall! I love the summer too, but it is nice to have the kids on a set schedule, out of trouble (for the most part :)) and it give me a little time after work to get some chores done before everyone gets home. And yes, I feel your pain on packing healthy lunches. I have a daughter who is allergic to eggs and dairy. It makes packing lunches a very real challenge.
    3225 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7009225
    You made me laugh! What a blog!
    3225 days ago
  • SUGIRL06

    OMG, I'm such a dork
    3226 days ago
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