HEY 5K! My first 5k race was an emotional one! I DID IT! w/pics!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm not even sure where to start with this blog. But here it goes.....8 weeks ago I started training for this 5k race with my husband by my side. My hubby use to run in races all the time and it was great having him pushing me in training, he also signed up for this 5k race. Around 3 weeks in I was running the full 5k and was so proud. Once I was able to run the entire 5k I decided to make a goal of running it in under a 12min per mile pace.

The race was actually about 5 days into our vacation. Yes I signed up to do a 5k race on my vaca! While out of town I didn't let up I continued to count all my calories, work out, and continued training for my run! I can say I'm actually the girl who gets up before everyone else on vaca and gets her workout/run in before everyone else even gets up and it feels amazing!!!!

I woke up excited and anxious about the race. I'm not sure why anxiety hit me because I had been running the full 5k plus some for over 5 weeks now but my mind was messing with me. I'm not sure if I had a fear of being last or what it was, but I told myself I was racing no one but myself! I just wanted to achieve the goal I set out for myself which was to run the entire race and strive to get under that 12 min per mile pace.
Here is the race in pics.....

my hubs and I pre-race we both ran the race but seperately....I knew I was not up to his speed yet and didn't want to have on my mind that I was holding him back...I wanted the race I was running to be strictly running against myself and not running to keep up...just knowing we were both doing it seperate but together was wonderful for me...I never ever ever thought this would be something WE would be doing!

number 42!! :o)

lining up getting ready to start the race (didn't know the camera was pointed at guess you can see I'm a little anxious here!

and here we go...once the race started all anxiety was gone...I was truly competing against me and for me! I didn't have anything to prove to anyone but myself!

my hubby crossing the finish line...I'm so proud of him..he came in 2nd in his age group!

even though he had already finished he came back the last little bit to cheer me on to the finish line! Hey and I wasn't last...theres a group of people running in behind me :o)

I am almost there...emotions are hitting me...Im really doing this!!!!

crossing the finish line...I can't even explain to you how that felt...I had my hubby, my parents, and my babies cheering me had to be one of my proudest moments!

I did it...I really did it!!! This girl who now weighs less than half of her starting weight just ran in a 5k race!

A dream just became a reality for me!

STRONG ENOUGH PHIL 4:13 I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength!


if this girl who weighed 373lbs has lost 187lbs and can run a 5k race you have to believe in yourself and know you can accomplish your dreams too....set goals and DEMOLISH them!!!!!!

I'm one proud girl!!!! I made my goal of not only running the entire race but with a pace under the 12min per mile mark.... race time was 36min9secs, pace 11min40sec mile!
Question I have been asked most is are you done running??? and the answer is HECK NO!!!! I'm officially addicted! If I dont get a run in I feel like I have missed out on something!!! I LOVE RUNNING....never ever thought I would say that. I use to joke that the only time you would see me running was if someone was chasing me with a no one is chasing me and I'm loving this happy healthy living! Now time to sign up for another race!
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