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Holy To-ledo!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So I know everyone is probably getting bored with my countdown, so I'll just get it out of the way early... 6 days!!!!!! I'm going to HAVE to sleep on the plane, because Keenan told me last night that Wednesday night they have a drinks/food thing for all the graduates and their friends and family. Which means if I don't sleep for most of my 8 hour flight over, I'm going to be exHAUSTED when I go there.

Oh, I do have a question for all of my spark friends. I am worried about the food on the plane, but I can only buy things once I am in the airport. I won't have any way to keep food cold, but I need something to snack on so I won't get hungry. Any ideas??? I know I want trail mix, but I would have to be careful with serving sizes with that. I also don't really want to take fruit because it would be bruised SUPER easily. I already have aisle seats on the long flights so I can get up and walk around once in a while (or fake run to the bathroom a lot if they give me grief about it lol), so I have that covered. I'm also wondering about water...I don't know if they would be willing to give me like 3 bottles of water on the plane, so I may have to buy one after I get in. Any thoughts, fellow travellers? I appreciate all input!! :-D

Ok, so now that I have all of my trip stuff out of the way, here is the rest!!

So today I'm wearing my pink tank top from my photos (don't worry, I have a coverup/jacket thing because I'm at work). And let me tell you...it is fitting completely differently than it used to. I am going to have to take more progress pics this weekend. I was standing in my room last night and noticed these two huge like...dents in my sides. From where my body is slimming down. I had noticed them a little bit before, but this was like HOLY CRAP! :-P I know my stomachs still have a ways to go, but between my boobs and my upper stomach is holy toledo lol.

So yesterday I was exhausted, and today I'm fine...I really have no idea what is making me so tired on random days.

I'm really super excited to weigh in tomorrow. I just know I have hit 45, I can feel it in my gut. If the scale doesn't show it this week, I know that it's just catching up. :-P I have had people (in RL and on here) wanting to make sure that I won't be disappointed if I don't hit 50. And I won't be. Heck, 45 is still a LOT!!! It makes me happy just to have gotten into the 320s when I was in the 360s when I started on here. I'm still looking forward past 50 to Twoville, so don't worry, I'm not stopping now!!

I think that was about all I had for today...just taking it one day at a time and hoping it doesn't sneak up on me...I have to keep it in my mind, yet keep it in the back of my mind...delicate balance! :-P Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!!! :-D emoticon
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    Flight snacks might get a little stupid because you're leaving the country - can't take food or animals overseas because of legal stuff. Eat your own snacks from home while you're still in the country - almonds, trail mix, jerky, cut up an apple and spray with lemon juice, etc on the plane. You can buy an apple, orange, banana or a salad at any of your layovers - inhale it and get to the next plane. You'll have better luck at "convenience" store type places in the airports. All the airports I've been to have these type of places. Definitely bring an empty water bottle - you can fill it up in the bathrooms, probably.

    Avoid the fast food places on your layovers! Pizza and burgers will be quick, but terrible. Keep your eyes open for grilled chicken sandwiches and salads! You can do it. :)

    2135 days ago
    I am so happy for you that you are seeing such wonderful results! And that you are taking it one day at a time. You are inspirational
    2136 days ago
    Ah flight snacks. The empty water bottle is a great idea. It keeps you doing something while you wait (even if it is bathroom trips). Fruit strips without sugar added (homemade or otherwise) are a good option if you are staying in country. If you are leaving the country be sure to eat all of it and discard the wrappers on the plane. Same with jerky- if you are going out of the country, meat products are also a no-go. But you can eat them on the plane. :)

    Personally I swell up like a balloon while flying so I avoid salty peanuts/jerky and carbonation. Good luck for your flight! Happy travels!
    2137 days ago
    I would definitely go with jerky and protein bars. You could also consider one of my FAV snacks these days - celery and peanut butter. You can scoop your own 2 tbsp servings into containers, or purchase individual serving boxes. Cut up some celery, or grab a few pretzels, good to go. I would say hummus, but you would need to eat that sooner on your flight.

    It is so awesome that your clothes are fitting differently, indicating that you are making changes! Woo!

    2137 days ago
    Is the reason you can't bring stuff because of customs or something? The say no liquids, but you don't hit customs until you land, right? I'd load up on protein bars and jerky, since they start out ugly, and it won't matter if they get a little squished in your bag. Lol. For 100 cal snacks, I like the CLIF minis. All the flavors I've tried have been good. There are Luna bar minis (same parent company I think), and I bought some recently, but I haven't tried them yet.

    Adarkara's idea of bringing an empty water bottle is a great one if you don't want to pay for bottled water inside the airport.

    Anyway, I always keep a clif bar and some 50 cal jerky strips in my purse, and I've never gotten grief @ airports..... Just concert venues :/

    2137 days ago
    A couple of suggestions for airplane eating:

    1) Bring an empty water bottle to the airport, and you can fill it at a water fountain once you get past security. This can be a naglene or just an empty disposable one.

    2) If you can afford it, trader joes sells freeze-dried fruit. Light weight, easy to pack, no sugar added. An entire bag is only about 150 calories. If you can get past the 'astronaut ice cream' texture.

    3) What about taking a bag of cut up veggies? Carrot sticks and celery and stuff won't spoil if left in a baggie without ice for a couple of hours. You can also bring tougher fruits like apples. Or you can bring a small container of cut up fruit that you froze beforehand so it is defrosted by the time you eat it.

    When I flew to Alabama from NJ, I packed a couple of boxes of granola bars and the freeze dried fruit.

    Hope this helps.
    2137 days ago
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