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Friday, April 06, 2007

Lately I've had a hard time learning to realize that it's OKAY if I don't do perfect each day. I beat myself up mentally when I don't get time to exercise or I reach for that sugary treat, but I need to realize how far I've come and that one little slip up won't put me back at 184. It's good to be conscious about my habits, but I feel sometimes that I'm becoming TOO conscious.

I'm a very orderly person and I like having schedules and rules for myself...which is good...but it also can be a downfall. I almost obsess over exercising and eating and I think I need to chill out on it. I wouldn't be where I am today without my conscious effort to keep myself in line, but straying from it once in awhile is not a big deal. I do not want food or exercise to rule my life...and I feel like it's almost become that way.

My personal goal this month is to begin to find a happy medium. I no longer really need to focus on loosing weight. I'm happy where I am. I need to focus on taking the knowledge I have gained from this journey and applying it to my daily life in a healthy way.

I'm only 22 yrs. old. I'm going to have late nights at the bar, I'm going to splurge on ice cream once in awhile and I'm going to miss a day or two of exercise. AND THAT IS OKAY! You only live once, so I might as well enjoy it, right?
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    yes, you are right! Once you loose all the weight, then what!? I'm sure it will be hard to establish a middle ground, but I am also sure you will succeed because you have the modivation!!

    I will suggest something that might help you (it helps me a TON!)... pay attention to what other people eat. Look at what the people in front of you in line are buying from the grocery store. Then look that them. See how your friends eat, your family eats, and the people next to you in the restraunt. See how they treat their body and see the outcome... completely unedited. Of course everyone splurges now and then, but really pay attention for a little while and you will see something. I think this really keeps me on track.

    I also see skinny people pigging out and it just reminds me, we are all people and we have to live and life has flaws and bad days. I work with a few girls who are SO skinny and I hear them talk about how they are gaining weight and how they got back into the gym and started watching their food more.. and presto, no more complaining about weight! I think this is where most people lack (myself included)... we know we are getting bigger but we don't do anything to stop it. instead we eat to colnsole ourselves... hello!
    Just make sure you stay within a range and take steps if you break out of that range... now only if it was just that simple!

    Good luck to you and I hope I can be in your shoes SOON!
    5174 days ago
    YOU are right!!!!
    Great blog!!

    I cant wait till I can get back to where its OK to splurge a bit again!!

    you worked hard for it- so NJOY!

    5175 days ago
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