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Monday, August 13, 2012

When I was a kid adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes about how hard things were when they were growing up.

What with walking twenty-five miles to school every morning uphill both ways through year 'round blizzards carrying their younger siblings on their backs to their one-room schoolhouse where they maintained a straight-A average despite their full-time after-school job at the local textile mill where they worked for 35 cents an hour just to help keep their family from starving to death!

And I remember promising myself that when I grew up there was no way I was going to lay that on kids about how hard I had it and how easy they've got it!


Now that I've reached the ripe old age of thirty, I can't help but look around and notice the youth of today.

You've got it so easy! I mean, compared to my childhood, you live in a Utopia! And I hate to say it but you kids today don't know how good you've got it!

I mean, when I was a kid we didn't have the Internet. If we wanted to know something, we had to go to the library and look it up ourselves!

And there was no email! We had to actually write somebody a letter, with a pen! And then you had to walk all the way across the street and put it in the mailbox and it would take like a week to get there!

And there were no MP3s or Napsters! If you wanted to steal music, you had to go to the record store and shoplift it yourself! Or, we had to wait around all day to tape it off the radio and the DJ would usually talk over the beginning and mess it all up!

You want to hear about hardship?

We didn't have fancy stuff like Call Waiting! If you were on the phone and somebody else called, they got a busy signal!

And we didn't have fancy Caller ID Boxes either! When the phone rang, you had no idea who it was, it could be your boss, your Mom, a collections agent, you didn't know!!!

You just had to pick it up and take your chances, mister!

And we didn't have any fancy Sony Playstation videogames with high-resolution 3-D graphics!

We had the Atari 2600! With games like "Space Invaders" and "Asteroids"! Your guy was a little square! You had to use your imagination! And there were no multiple levels or screens, it was just one screen forever!

And you could never win, the game just kept getting harder and faster until you died!

Just like LIFE!

When you went to the movie theater, there was no such thing as stadium seating! All the seats were the same height! If a tall guy sat in front of you, you watched his hairstyle!

And sure, we had cable television, but back then that was only like 20 channels and there was no onscreen menu! You had to use a little book called a TV Guide to find out what was on!

And there was no Cartoon Network! You could only get cartoons on Saturday morning... D'ya hear what I'm saying!?!

We had to wait ALL WEEK!

That's exactly what I'm talking about! You kids today have got it too easy. You're spoiled!

You guys wouldn't last five minutes back in 1984!
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    Back where I came from, Malaysia, we did not have TV till I was 12 years old (1971.) It was a black and white TV. We only have 2 TV stations back then. We did not have a phone because only my father is working. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. With 5 kids, we do not even have toys or dolls. We played in the garden (yard.) I remember turning the empty flower pot as a stove and put another on top as a pot. Use grass as vegetables, use a stick as a ladle and so forth...
    Yes, kids these days are really very lucky!

    2137 days ago
    I remember when we were the first one's on our block ( in chicago ) to have a T V .
    2138 days ago
    Good comparisons
    2139 days ago
    Oh my! Great blog!! But if you're 30, wouldn't you have been 2 yro in 1984? And you really remember what it was like at 2? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. That's quite a memory. My own PC was from 1986 and had those big ol' floppy discs and used DOS. But I was still able to do projects for work. I went on line in 1996 when I finally got a puter with a modum and Win95. That means you would have been 15 at that time.
    emoticon emoticon
    (I do hope you know I am kidding with you about the age thing).

    2140 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/14/2012 6:35:35 PM
    Sat AM TOONS....................I remember!
    2140 days ago
    Now you've made me feel old. I remember when we had only two channels on tv, and pinball was the limit of game machines.
    2140 days ago
    I remember our first watching in front of the store that sold them, there were speakers out front and people sat in their cars or pickups (which we had) to watch. When I went to college, I did not care about TV because I had not had it and that was in 1956.
    We were at the LBJ Museum in Austin, Texas and they had a replica of the Oval Office. One young boy asked why there were 3 TV sets and I told him because at that time period, there were 3 networks and he watched all of them.
    Fun blog.

    2140 days ago
  • WILSON425
    So to the point. Only we did not have atari or even a vcr! DVD players where unheard of. My folks told us we were lucky to have that black and white TV with round corners, that you had to go all the way across the room and twist the dial,and turn the antenna. (No wonder I have carpo tunnel) emoticon emoticon
    2140 days ago
    hahahahahahaa i know your so right!!!! don't u love it when someone says omg how did u ever do without having a cell phone? hahahaha omg well we made it through!!!! or now the helmets on bikes are big and seat belts.... damn i should of been dead a long time ago with no helmet and no seat belt worn hahahaha
    AAAAAAAAAh the good ole days of 1984 when people weren't as rude because they'd actually call u up and talk to you not text... people have no manners now , it sooooooo sad hahahahaha your blog was good made me laugh i also heard about walking in snow knee deep and walking for miles hahahahaha emoticon
    2140 days ago
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