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Week 2 Completed

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunday marked the end of week 2 on this journey to healthy living. I feel great! I am down 5 pounds. I wish I had taken measurements as well. I look in the mirror and I can see the difference. It isn't the 5 pounds that is making a difference. It is lack of circles under my eyes, the flatter abdomen that isn't protruding each time I eat and remains that way for hours. It's the lessening of what I like to call my 'chin pillow', or what others may call the 'double chin'. I smile more and joke with my kids more, Simply because, I feel good.

I have only had a couple cravings, but I was able to get past them. I am looking forward to completing the 21 days so I can start experimenting with Gluten free products. So hopefully, on occasion I can indulge in one of my all time favorites: Carne asada Quesadilla. mmmmm

One of the main obstacles I continue to have is the being creative with meals. I fear I will bore the family with my variations of meat on/next/under/in vegetables each night. I have always had a noodle or rice or potato at every meal. I did make red potatoes last night with dinner. Since I know the russet caused the stomach issues last week, I figured I would give red a shot. Nope! Same issue. Heavy, bloated, hard stomach after dinner. :( I think on special occasions, I will partake in a potato. Maybe on the holidays, but not as a staple.

Still having trouble finding things to feed the 3yo picky eater (picky as in, I won't eat any vegetables!!!). The different tricks on line have not worked. She will usually take a bite after I sing the 'Try it, Try it, You might like it song', sometimes, getting the whole table to partake in the song. But, it inevitably ends the same. Her retching at the table, unable to swallow it, eyes watering. Drama queen? I do believe. But, I won't give up. In the meantime, I will continue to make her a separate meal or, alternatives to the veggie portion since she has no problems with eating meat.

Oh, and I managed a night of pilates, a walk, a dance class, and a Power Fusion work out last week!! Now, on to Day 1 of week 3!
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    Hey! Look at you GO! And I think it's way cool that you have a whole family on-side!

    As for your little drama queen (and I say this only for encouragement, NOT criticism)... from my own experience as a mom, and from watching my friends (in some cases on-going for years now) struggle... I'd encourage you to draw a hard, firm line. They are so smart at that age (they KNOW our concerns better than we know them ourselves sometimes), and they are still so little and cute... they know we don't want them to suffer (hence the gagging). Despite all that, I know with absolute certainty, they will not starve themselves, and when sufficiently hungry, they will eat whatever is put in front of them. They just need to know there is no alternative forthcoming. As long as your daughter knows there is even the possibility of an alternative, she will hold out.

    My daughter only had to get her supper for breakfast once (with a big side of cuddling an commiserating, LOL) to realize there was no holding out (and that memory got her through a recent liver supper). I'd go so far as to only offer veggies for snacks, too, if she continues to hold out... veggies cut in pretty shapes, veggie faces on a plate... but no matter how pretty, the only food option would be veggies.

    My daughter has always prefered her veggies of all sorts (even those we don't typically eat raw - turnips, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoe, squash, beets) RAW. With most kids (and husbands whose mothers weren't great cooks, LOL) the aversion is to the texture of cooked veggies. She also preferes roasted/grillled veggies over any other cooking method.

    Have you tried just having a plate of cut up raw veggies... way more than you expect her to eat and tell her she doesn't have to eat it all, but she does have to choose three pieces (make the pieces several bites size)?

    Or pull out the veggie options before supper and ask her which you should prepare... with the understanding that if she chooses it, she must also eat it?

    Or giving her a slightly reduced portion of meat, and then barganing... if you want more meat you have to eat these veggies (reasonable portion) first?

    Oh! And my daughter will eat any vegetable dish if there are chopped nuts included!

    She may eat lighter for a week or so (and she won't become nutritionally deficient), but she will adapt more quickly... she just needs to get past whatever idea is in her head about eating only 'prefered foods'. My guess is that as soon as she starts to really taste them, she will like them... that's how our daughter has been. And despite not being a picky eater, we even recently overcame her aversion to cooked cauliflower with cauliflower 'rice' (recipe in my blog 'HEY! That was....').

    Hang in there, Mom! She'll get on board! Your enthusiasm and her desire to be included will eventually win her over!
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