Stiff back muscles today...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Cardio Streak Day 468
2.20 mile walk /jog
0530hrs 77F

I would have thought that after major T-storms last night, the temp would be much cooler this morning but I would have been wrong. It's cool, but as much as I had expected.

The first thing I noticed today was that my lower back is stiff and I groaned a little when I rolled out of bed. Okay, it's annoying but not so much that it prevents me from doing anything.

Once up, I had my usual four cups of no-name water and headed out the door. Perhaps the stiffness contributed to my slower pace, but I finished 2.2 miles in the 30 minutes allotted today.

Strength training at work yesterday produced ten sets of 12 bench press lifts, ten sets of 25 crunches, ten sets of 10 tricep dips, and ten sets of 100 forward stretches. I don't know if it was the stretching or the tricep dips that produced the stiffness in my back, but I'll try to work it out today once I get to the office.

My cardio total for today:
2.2 miles
30 minutes

Jog/Walk Across America:
Team distance to date: 1533
Current Location: Golden City, Missouri
(The map is updated each morning around dawn. The link remains consistent; feel free to look at it anytime.)
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