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Sunday, August 12, 2012

So! Yes. Here we go. Again.
I decided against going with Body By Vi. Isoflavones or no isoflavones, I'm just not supposed to eat much soy. As it is, it's almost impossible to avoid it entirely, but ingesting a shake where it's the primary ingredient just seemed really unwise. I'm really glad it's working for Coach Krystie, but it's just not a good fit for me. So... I opted to try Herbalife.
It's only been a few days, so it's tough to say what, if any, effect it's had. And I'm only doing the shake, as opposed to including all of the supplemental products they want you to take. Based on the SP tracker, the supplements would put me over the recommended daily dosage of several vitamins, some of which it's bad for you to overdo; that just seems like a bad plan to me. I get a lot of vitamins out of what I eat, even with the shakes; I'm only low on a very few nutrients. I'm working on finding a solution to that issue, but so far, no dice. And most of the other supplemental products are designed to rev your metabolism; most speedy things are contraindicated with my thyroid meds, so I wouldn't want to take those, either. So I'll stick with just the shakes and increasing my activity level, and see where that takes me.
I HAVE increased my activity level. Not that it's hard to increase from nil, but there you go. My activities have ranged from the lame (30 minutes of Wii Fit Free Step while catching up with the end of Eureka, and using the pedal exerciser for 20 minutes under the dining room table while reading) to the pretty darned good (Strong Body, Ageless Body DVD. Pretty good. I'm definitely sore this morning, in the good way. Some of it, I couldn't do, though; my hip strongly protested several of the floor exercises. I'm willing to push through pain to a certain extent, but this was excruciating; I had to stop. Hopefully that'll work itself out in time, without, y'know, medical intervention). I've managed to do SOMETHING, even if it's not much, every day since I started the shakes, so... there you go.
As for actual weight loss... well, like I said - it hasn't even been a week, yet. I was very excited to lose almost 2lbs in the first 2 days, but there's been nothing since then. I overate at breakfast yesterday, I admit; I ended up not having any snacks just in order to almost but not quite meet my calorie totals (over by 60 according to BodyMedia Fit Activity Tracker. 140, according to SP). But it's early days; just have to keep up the good work and see what happens. And I know that the scale isn't what matters, it's how my clothes fit that'll show me the difference. I'll have to keep you posted. :-)
I'll tell you, though... it's awfully nice to know that my food isn't going to make me sick. The Allergy-Free version of Herbalife doesn't contain any of the stuff that makes me ill; it's gluten free, soy free, dairy free. You can't beat that. I eat my healthy lunch and snacks at work every day, and I'm good to go. This is my first weekend, and I screwed up yesterday. Today is dependent on whatever Mom makes for dinner, but Mom's pretty good about making a healthy dinner; she's got high blood pressure and diabetes.
So, yeah. That's where I'm at. Back to tracking everything every day, and spinning that SP wheel, and staying consistent. I'm sure you'll be seeing more of me around, as long as I'm able to stick to this.
Have a great day, everyone!
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  • JKM822
    Oops! I was so eager to stop you from trying Herbalife I didn't get to the rest of your message till after I'd posted. :-)
    I don’t have a hip injury that I’m AWARE of, but I know it hurts when I do certain things. When I had more weight on, it pretty much just hurt, period – all the time. That’s gotten a little better, but it still makes me aware it’s there, when I move in a direction it doesn’t like.
    I also have disc herniations in the cervical and lumbar spine, and seem to have developed a rather nasty sciatic nerve problem, as well, so I don’t know how much relationship there is between all of these things. I just know that... well, like you said – I hurt all the time, it’s just a question of where and how much. I never go below a pain level of 2; I hardly remember what it’s like to be pain-free. But the hip thing? Way above and beyond normal pain. The sciatica, too – that’s some seriously messed up pain, right there.
    2460 days ago
  • JKM822
    I got through a week on it, then I started getting hungry and snacking on naughty things. Then it was my birthday week, and I decided to just cut it for a few days so I could eat food.
    By Sunday, I had SERIOUS abdominal pain. Last night is the first time I got more than 3 hours sleep from it, and that's because I went to the doctor and they told me to start taking Carafate again (it's what was prescribed when my GERD went bonkers). Do I KNOW it was the Herbalife that set it off? No, I don't; I stopped using it on... Friday, maybe? And the pain didn't start till bedtime on Sunday. I had one more shake after that on... Monday, maybe? I wasn't in an WORSE shape from it, but it didn't HELP, either. I'm hesitant to go back on it. I'm afraid I'll do more damage.
    I wish I'd realized this was going to happen BEFORE I ordered another TWO canisters of the stuff!!!

    2460 days ago
    Hey, sorry I've missed your triumphant return until now! emoticon

    I'm gonna have to look into this shake of yours, since I have all the same food restrictions. I've been ravenous and therefore overeating lately and I need to enact some damage control sooner rather than later!

    I hear you about only being willing to push through a certain amount of pain. Do you have an existing hip injury or other problem? I'm curious because I have existing back trouble, plus fibro, so I'm in some sort pf pain ALL the time and therefore I find it so hard to gauge sometimes what's a true pain limit and what's just "normal" soreness, etc. Ya know? I'll take any tips you might have here. emoticon
    2460 days ago
    You are doing great! Keep it up :)
    2472 days ago
  • JKM822
    Thanks! How've you been?
    2472 days ago
    Welcome back. Glad to see you back online
    2472 days ago
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