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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Last day of the fair. Headed out to do the goat show announcing..might be there till 4...hopefully more like 1 or 2 but we shall see. Anyone that wakes me up in the morning DIES!!! lol. Cant WAIT for sleep....
Hope it stays cool...and the show goes fast.

win for me..the ENTIRE week the ONLY fair food i had was: 1 bacon cheeseburger, 4 mozzarella sticks(yeah..the fried ones), one SMALL poutine, (for those that dont know, pouting, pronounced POO teen, are gloriously crisp fries topped with a mountain of fresh cheese curds, topped with a river of good brown gravy. looks like baby got sick, tastes like heaven.) in my pre spark days i would have had one a DAY. but i had one PERIOD, and a small one at that, AND i tossed some out! and i had 3 bites of a maple cream fries dough.
and another big plus? i spent $10 the ENTIRE week. thats right, folks, TEN DOLLARS for a 10 day fair. incredible...i used to spend that on ONE meal!!

AND i got my full 2 hours of walking and or swimming EVERY DAY!!!!
hope i lost something..anything...
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