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Are you a list maker?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Are you someone who sees list in the media and have to make them for yourself, too? Or do you make to-do lists, honey-do lists or project lists? We all should be making grocery lists to be sure we are buying the best for the least.

I guess you could say I'm a list maker. In a big way I am one, too. For example, I'll see a list of the best cars, favorite songs, best all time movies, actors, actresses, bands, etc. and there I am trying to make one of my own. I also make myself lists of things to accomplish for the day. I'm happy to get two or three of the most important done in a day. The others go on tomorrow's list. Often Bob will ask me to remember to remind him of something he has to do, so I'll make a list for him. For my projects lists, I'll write the projects I want to do, those that I am working on, and supplies I'll need for those.

Then there is the all time "Bucket List". I know some of the things I would add to make mine, but so far I haven't done so and that surprises me. With all of the goal setting I have been doing for the past 2 years or so, one would think I would have made one by now. Have you made your "bucket List" of things you want to do and/or see before you die? Do you think we need to share our lists? I also enjoy reading lists from others. Especially if it is the best of something like movies, books, music or art. I must limit my time on pinterest or I'd be checking others' lists all day long (when I'm not on Spark or exercising!).

Guess I need to add that list to my to-do list!!

Lots of peace, love, and health to all of my buds.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    YES, I am a list maker. To do lists, mostly. I also love crossing off things that have been done. My only problem, is there is usually not enough hours in a day to get everything done. And I hate having to transfer stuff to the next day, or even week.

    2107 days ago
    Yes. I had 5 kids in 6 1/2 years and when they were young, I made a list of what I had to do for cleaning, washing, etc. It felt good to cross off something I had done. I still make lists and cross them off but not as rewarding.
    2109 days ago
  • LILLI56
    I learned how to use list from my older sister. She said that when she was cleaning house she would make a list and time how much time it would take to do a certain chore. Like make bed 15 minutes and if it only takes 7 you beat your time. I just love this way of organizing my chores and life. It is another way to beat your time.

    I also make list of things I need to do or else I will forget what it was special that I had a need to do today. . Yeah a lot of senior moments. lol grocery list are priceless. Planning holidays in advance list are a must. Yes I just love lists!!!
    2109 days ago
    I love lists. I'm working on my list of things to do to get ready for my vacation, including things to pack.
    2109 days ago
    I don't make list any more. Just make appointments. Put all appointments in my phone and if there are no appointments, my days are mine to do with as the moment dictates. Use to have a list for everything, but could never find my lists, so just make appointments now. :)
    2109 days ago
    I tend to make to do lists all the time.I accomplish more that way.
    2110 days ago
    Mostly mine are "Don't Forget This" Lists! (particularly if I'm travelling)
    2110 days ago
    I make lists, on paper, on my Boogie Board and in my head. i love to cross out an item. I even will make the lists and write down something i have done that day for the satisfaction of crossing it out.

    My lists tend to be to do lists. When i have breakfast with my mom on my day off, she usually has a list of things she needs to discuss with, or we need to do.
    2110 days ago
    Mine are mainly "to-do" list. I feel a lot less stress, (especially with my "chemo brain") when I can write stuff done then I don't worry about forgetting something, and of course, it's a great feeling to cross something off!

    I haven't made a bucket list, my type of cancer is not curable and I don't have much energy these days. If I don't make that kind of list, then I won't be setting myself up for disappointment. Besides, I believe when I get to Heaven, I will be able to do all the stuff I wanted to do here on Earth but couldn't.
    2110 days ago
    yea i make mine half way.. i guess im a procrastin.. jk procratinator. I like list because it makes me feel im making a step closer to my goals.
    2110 days ago
    I am a list maker, but not to the extreme!!! I believe we should each do what works best for us!! Now get to the lsit making!!!!
    2110 days ago
    I absolutely make lists and I get more done with them even though I never get everything done. Sometimes it seems two things go on for every one scratched off. I'm a pencil and paper list maker; especially the to do lists; I want them visible all the time! It feels so good to scratch things off. No task is too small to be put on a list!
    Hooping by my 70th birthday was a bucket list item. I don't have a lot of those. I'm really happy with where my life is at. Good topic!
    2111 days ago
    There was a time when seeing the Pyramids 'for real' was high on my list; now it's relegated to 'If it falls into my lap, okay, elsewise it's nowhere near a priority.' But on that same list is seeing Easter Island 'for real,' and that's been on THE list for... well. Forty years or more, I guess. The Acropolis? Eh. Seeing the starry sky from a remote location in Greece? Oh my yes.

    I like to think of my flexible lists as 'refined eclectic,' lol...
    2111 days ago
    I do make lists, then lose them! emoticon ((HUGS)) emoticon
    2111 days ago
    Yes I make lists too. It may be just me, but I can see no reason why anyone would have interest in a list that I would make.

    DH would definitely be at a loss grocery shopping without the fortnightly list...that's a cert.

    2111 days ago
    Since having an I Pad I make lots of lists on it. They help me a lot.
    2111 days ago
    How do you make your lists? Do you use paper and pen? If so, have you tried using a computer instead? I've worked in accounting so I'm more comfortable with Excel than Word, so that's where my lists go. Though many programs will work. The big bonus of making lists on a computer instead of with paper and pen is when you're done with the list you delete it, instead of throwing away paper.

    Also, many cell phones offer a notepad program where you can make lists that stay with you. Great for those grocery lists or to remember all the places you want to go when running multiple errands in a row.
    2111 days ago
    Sometimes I feel so stressed with so many things to do that making a list helps me. I can see what I need to do and check things off as I go along. This helps ease my stress.
    2111 days ago
    I like to do lists because then I can say...TA DA! when I cross something off.
    2111 days ago
  • JAMER123
    I am a list maker but not to your extent. I do the grocery shopping lists like most others and the honey do list (for both of us to look at) being the things we need to get done around here. Of course there is our calendar where all the items are put that we need to schedule!! Can't live without the calendar!

    Have a very good week! emoticon emoticon
    2111 days ago
    I do make lists, but my husband makes even more lists. Together we have lots of lists!!

    2111 days ago
  • MPLANE37
    I do make lists too. More todo lists. Using variety of tools. Different software. Pen and paper. Post-its. All kinds. Reminders are good, otherwise it is easy to get carried away in ones own world without being too productive.
    2111 days ago
  • SUNSHINE99999
    Happiness to you too.
    2111 days ago
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