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Going back in time

Saturday, August 11, 2012

This afternoon, I took the train out to Amersham in Buckinghamshire. Very green and leafy.

I changed on to the Amersham train at Finchley Road station and realised very quickly that I had omitted to take the Olympics into my calculations. The train was absolutely chocker. Just had a look at the travel info and sure enough, people who are not doing the Olympics are advised to avoid that journey. Pity I didn't think to look.

Anyway, at Wembley, everyone else piled off the train except me. Got off at Amersham, walked through the lovely woodland near the station.

Out in sunlight, down the path through a field of barley. I know I keep saying this but the countryside is stunning at the moment. There is a tiny person in the middle of this pic, an artist who thought so too, she was painting it.

I just kept looking at that golden field.

In the verge of the path was pink bindweed, and tiny little wild yellow pansies.

Turned along the stream which is growing watermint and watercress and along by the church which I couldn't very well take photos of because there was a wedding just turning out.

Then along the village street where the houses and shops date back to the 17th and 18th century. One of the pubs - I don't know which one = was used in the film 'Four weddings and a funeral'. It's the pub where Hugh Grant and Andie McDowell get friendly.

I managed not to buy anything except a bottle of full fat coke - I would have liked tea but there were only two cafes open and they were very full. One of them does a very posh afternoon tea (sarnies, scones, cakes etc) but I'm supposed to be avoiding stuff like that except on special occasions. I couldn't think of any excuse to call this afternoon a special occasion. Did try, of course.

One very interesting thing, they seem to be fans of SP there!

Or perhaps I'm getting carried away by my enthusiasm.

After some deliberation caught the bus back to the station. My sprained ankle was reminding me I was supposed to be resting it. Was so hungry by then that I went into the supermarket near the station for a sandwich. Horrified to find they all have about 400 calories in them. Ended up with a small quantity of sushi for 200 calories. Why do companies ALL fill their sandwiches with cheap mayo? Having seen that banner I was on best behaviour of course. Big Spark is Watching YOU!

So that's 200 calories for the coke, 200 for the sushi. And I used to wonder why I put on weight. To be blunt, it's not my meals that are the problem, it's the bits in between.

Now what can I do for a low-calorie dinner . . . ?
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