SparkCoach, fresh fruit & veggies and newborn bunnies

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Well, I decided to give the SparkCoach thing a try. I do tend to have trouble with focusing so maybe this will help me make eating right and exercising a priority.
My hubby brought me a bowl of cherries emoticon just now and they are really yummy. I am not sure why I don't fruits and veggies more often! I do cook from scratch a lot with veggies but don't eat them enough in their raw state. Then, I am really good about buying fruit but tend to forget about it until they are too old! Rats. I do put the spoiled fruit and veggies into the compost pile so it's not a complete loss...
I didn't work out yesterday I got "too busy" emoticon. I had high hopes and then I found a newborn baby bunny in the back yard emoticon. Actually, I found 4, but 3 had already died. I don't know if my cat brought them to one spot in the back yard or what. It was strange because my devil cat emoticon does ever catch anything, he usually leaves it on the porch. It might've been the neighbors cat, he likes Peanut and the bunnies where over by the gate to Peanuts pen. Anyhow, this one baby was still moving around so I picked him up. He was cut up a little but seemed to be able to move his paws. He was really young as his eyes weren't even open yet. I found a wildlife rehab person via my vet and drove (hour drive one way) the bunny out there. I hope she can nurse him back to health! Of course I boohooed after I left him with her.
My kale, fennel and broccoli seeds have sprouted in their trays in the garage. I still have to clean out the remains of the spring garden to make room for the fall garden but since it's raining today I can put it off once again!
Other than that, life goes on as usual, only three more weeks of my Russian class and six more of my Spanish.
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