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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gosh life sure seems busy and demanding these days. There is a lot of good that comes from it, and that is where I like to keep my focus. I helped with coordination and fundraising for a Women's Distance Festival that was held today. I loved seeing the gym full of Moms of all ages, daughters, sisters, and all the men who marshaled the course for us. It was a very good thing.

The event gives back to our community, and I love to be a part of things like that. I loved that it was on a safe route that allowed for options. You could run and place in your age group, or you could walk. I wasn't sure what I would be up for when I woke this morning. I have been struggling with a cold of some kind the last few days. I thought a run would be good for me to get things moving out of the sinuses, but I just didn't know.

As I stood in the gymnasium, along comes the mother of the best man in our wedding back in '98. I knew she frequented the YMCA that we go to, but I didn't expect to see her. Also, I had no idea that today's event was her very first 5k. I knew that feeling well. She asked me lots of questions, and I told her about my first experience. She commented how she hoped that she would have someone participating from her job or elsewhere. I thought to myself, well, she knows she isn't alone. I wasn't trying to achieve any kind of PR for this one, and was really there because I had been a part of making the race happen as it should.

I decided that making sure her 5k was enjoyable and not lonely mattered much more than the time on the clock. I'm really glad that I did this, because she had a nice swift walk pace, and when the race was over...I didn't feel so hot. It was a good move overall, and she could remember that she had a friendly face. I applauded her for how fast her walking pace is, and how it was very close to what my running pace was as I started on my weight loss journey. In the end, I was encouraging her to consider walking an even longer distance in the future because she had such a decent pace.

We are often measuring ourselves and our ability by the clock. Today I chose to make those minutes good minutes, and not just fast ones.
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