50 Shades of Sweat- my own personal contract

Saturday, August 11, 2012

So like most women I have read the novel 50 Shades of Grey. I have to be honest that it is not very well written but I think that everyone knows that. I am not a crazy fan geek for the novel but I had an idea while reading it yesterday. 50 Shades of Sweat, My own personal contract with myself. Below are the rules and consequences of my contract

1 Wake up at 7
2 Eat Banana before exercise (or other fruit)
3 Exercise for 30-40 mins
4 Enjoy Work-(I HAVE JOBS)
5 Keep a clean life (appearance as well as living space)
6 Write down what I eat (Needing continual practice)
7 Drink 8 pints of water a day
8 Keep trying, even if I break rules 1-7

The Rules Explained
Rule 1- Wake up at 7
At no point in the rest of my adult life will I ever be able to sleep in till 9 or 10. I would like children, and children do not sleep past 7 (well not till they are teenagers anyway). If I have no reason to wake up at 7 I will make one up!
Consequence- Well this has natural consequences I will be messed up the whole day!

Rule 2- Eat a Banana before workout
Well this does not have to be a banana it can be an orange or apple, just something to get my metabolism working before my workout. It makes me less hungry as well as feeling good before my workout!
Consequence- Being hungry during my workout and possibly stopping

Rule 3- Workout 30-40 mins
Now this is not everyday because I believe I would be pooped! But If I strive to do this everyday than I will be sure to do it at least 5 times a week! It does not have to be vigorous, just something that gets me going!
Consequence-not working out leads to not being healthy and I want to be healthy

Rule 4- Enjoy Work!
This life changing experience can be positive in all areas! I want to enjoy my work so I will try and make that happen each day!
Consequence- Not enjoying work leads to not being happy...and I want to be happy!

Rule 5-Keeping a clean life!
I have never been the one to look exceptionally pretty, but since I have changed what I have been putting in my body I am beginning to feel great about myself and I want to look better! I want to wear nice clothes, and shoes! To maybe even get contacts!
Consequence- I would not be living up to my potential and thats just not ok

Rule 6- Write down everything I eat
I have found this great! I can keep up with what I am eating and make sure its all healthy for me!
Consequence- Not writing down what I eat would lead to going to MCDS everyday!

Rule 7- Drink lots of water
This is a rule I am glad I am making, I have issues in this area. DRINK DRINK DRINK WATER
Consequence- When I dont drink consequence is going to be to drink water. This way I am drinking water!

Rule 8- Keep trying
Ah the most important rule, the fact is I might not stick to my rules everyday...but this one will always bring me back
Consequence- not being happy...and lets face it, I am ready to be happy!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Absolutely love this! Good luck! emoticon
    2107 days ago
    Oh my goodness Rule #8 is by far the best! I was reading down the list thinking if you break a rule you may get fed up and want to quit all together, but it seems you’ve thought of everything!!

    I totally agree about eating a fruit before a workout, I definitely think it helps me perform my best. And it would be good to give yourself a break from exercising but even doing something for 10 minutes helps! Enjoying work is definitely a must, I’m struggling with that one right now but luckily I’m heading back to school and leaving work behind! I love that you want to be your best and keep a clean life, I agree that that is very important. I had a whole year where I just looked like a slob and felt bad about myself because of it. I’m glad you recognize that you want to show off your beauty!

    Great list and you can do it!

    2107 days ago
    Love the title of this blog! I think this contract is great! I think I will do it too. Great blog, good idea!
    2110 days ago
  • KIDDEN04
    2110 days ago
    Rule 9-don't waste time reading the other 2 shades- emoticon
    Actually I think this is a cute idea- I might copy it and yes I read it too
    Holy Interjection!!! How much do I weigh!
    Be happy!-you deserve it! emoticon emoticon
    2110 days ago
    Love your rules, but I'd have to negotiate on #1 and #2. I have 3 girls (1, 4 and 7) who would all regularly sleep until noon if I let them. I don't eat fruit; so I will make my pre-workout food a tablespoonful of peanut butter. I'll sign on the rest of the rules! About being ready to be happy: good point, well made! :)
    2111 days ago
    Hmm, good contract, it should help firm on track!
    What are you planning to do when you excel or fail to do what stated in the contract?
    2111 days ago
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