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Friday, August 10, 2012

I had a sneak peak of my current weight . I will put my entry of my weight on my tracker tomorrow because Saturdays is the day I usually change my trackers.

I got on the scale this morning and I was so surprised that I lost weight. In the past
week, I decided to sit down and catch my breath because this is and will continue
to be a long and hard race that I have signed up to do for life.
I have jumped over many' hurdles and climbed up many hills, mountains
and even mole hills. (The moles are making me sick-they tore up my
back yard).. sorry I'm off anyway,,,,

BUT __Last week
was a very busy week for me and I know when I have to
go to my yearly convention, I
always lose focus on my healthy eating.
Yes, this year i did too, but I am even happier this time that I was more aware of the situation and was able to get back into the race.

I may have limped and almost broken my arm-- it's true-
If you would have witnessed me
falling at skating on Sunday, you would've thought I should've been
walking around in a cast,
My coworker just happened to be standing right next to me and witness the whole thing and now he laughs at me whenever he sees me at work,
and keeps saying and telling others that he is so surprised that I did not
break something.

Since all of my drama and preparing to go attend my convention
where I was going to get some spiritual food, which is calorie and sugar free. emoticon
I had to take a very short break out of the race, but I have bounced back and
now I am back on the track--running even harder --turn around don't you see me?? emoticon

It feels really good to see that my weight did NOT go up and that
----I was a winner after all.

Don't worry I will be back on the skating floor soon.

emoticon Stay Motivated and Never Give Up.. emoticon
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