Goals and reasons I want to lose the weight and get fit and in the best shape of my life.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Arms that look fantastic in t shirts sundresses singlets.
Toned arms with definition not too bulky but defined enough to see different muscles.
Shoulders Sexy shoulders to wear off the shoulder shirts dresses etc.
A collarbone that is defined and sticks out a little.
Not to have that fat under the armpits. Have that pinched look under there.
No muffin tops not having to worry about jiggly skin hanging out from under a shirt or from out of my pants. Be able to lift my arms without holding down my shirt with the other hand.
To get up and down from the floor with a spring. Not fumbly and awkward because of my weight.
To have nice legs. To be able to wear a pair of shorts or a shorter dress even boy leg undies and a singlet at home to bed and feel sexy. To have definition in my thighs so you can see each muscle group to be strong. To have small calves like I used to. To not worry about all of the cellulite on the fronts and backs of my legs.
To be able to wear swimmers and not quickly run and dive into the water to hide and then run and cover up again when I get out.
Wear a pair of leggings with a short top and show off my cute butt.
Be able to wear workout gear and look smoking hot in it.
Not feel so insecure and feel like the fat friend when I am with the girls. Feel like one of the gorgeous ones too.
Be able to try on clothes and be annoyed because they all look nice but I can’t afford them all.
To be able to rock the sweater and leggings and look great. Not frumpy
Way out there goals. To totally transform my body do fit course and become personal trainer and own my own business.
Rock a pair of leggings and over sized jumper.

The last two have the type of body I would like. Athletic toned and fit. The others are gorgeous to I have put them on for their style. These are things I would like to be able to get away with wearing.
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