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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Anyone else out there frustrated that they seem to be taking forever to lose weight? Anyone else get annoyed when they work-out hard and stay well within their calorie range and eat healthy, non-processed foods, drink plenty of water for weeks to then barely see any loss on the scale? Anyone else have a few busy days of not having time to exercise and not eating entirely healthy, but still doing fairly decent in being active and eating at least 85% healthy but then seeing a 3 pound gain on the scale????? Yes, that would be me and I have a feeling I'm not alone. I try not to get discouraged, but it's so hard not to be some days. It's like all that work for nothing and then a slight lapse due to busy schedules and suddenly your weight just jumps up. Makes me wanna scream, UGHHHHHH!!!!!

So, my one mantra that I often remind myself and share with others: If weight loss was easy, then we wouldn't have such weight issues in our country. I think everyone knows that Working Out + Eating within Range does not always equal Perfect Weight Loss. Nor is the 3500 calories = 1 pound necessarily exact either, at least in terms of trying to lose weight. Obviously there are tons of other factors that effect everything.

I've been doing a lot of thinking today, trying to keep myself motivated and to help me get past my frustrations of slow weight loss. I've heard a lot lately that slow weight loss is actually good for your body as it gives your body a chance to adjust to the weight changes and you're more likely to keep the weight off. Apparently researchers are finding that people who lose weight very quickly, their bodies don't know how to function at the new weight and as soon as person eats a large portion or something unhealthy, their body just clings to the extra calories and fat as it's trying to bring itself back to the weight where it's used to functioning. Not sure if that is completely accurate or not, but I can believe our bodies do need time to adjust. Also, to go along with this, I know I've heard before that it takes something like 30.....or 45.....or 60 days, whatever, for something to become a habit. I figure if I keep eating healthy and exercising in order to lose this weight, it's just going to be that much easier as a habit for me so that once I get to my goal weight (someday), I will continue with my healthy habits and have a better chance at maintaining my weight. That's definitely a good thing.

So, in conclusion, my 2 thoughts to keep me motivated to stay on this journey:

1) If weight loss was easy, we'd all be skinny!

2) Slow weight loss through healthy eating and exercise leads long-term healthy habits for better weight maintenance and healthy living for life!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I felt like that was exactly the same thing I was going through the last three weeks! It IS really frustrating! I overcame it this past week, but I can't quite pin down what helped.
    My best guess is this -
    I chatted with one of the trainers at my gym who teaches the Monday boot camp classes I go to. After hearing my woes he immediately told me to change up my workouts. I had a good amount of variety going on, runs some days, strength here and there, biking, etc. But it was all the same stuff I had been doing to some extent for the last three months.
    He told me to put strength as a priority, lift heavier and for less reps. Put cardio on the sidelines (still do it, but don't make it my focus). Cease my home DVDs for now. Stop doing the things I had been doing and find something NEW and more CHALLENGING to do! At least for the next few weeks. Then change it up again!

    So if it's been a while since you really challenged yourself and changed up your workouts, maybe try that. Consider trying the same thing with your nutrition by trying new recipes and new foods even. Could become fun!
    2110 days ago
    Yes, we can!!!
    2110 days ago
    It's frustrating but so worth it. Hang in there. emoticon
    2111 days ago
  • AMPER_02
    I totally agree! Last week I went to the gym 3 days and walked 2 days. I stayed in my calorie range and STILL gained 2 pounds..... Really! It can be discouraging.. We have to keep pushing! emoticon emoticon
    2111 days ago
    Success or failure starts in our heads. You've been thinking in ways that improve your chances of succeeding. Well done!
    2111 days ago
    Your last points are right on the money! It is true that the longer you keep good habits the more likely you are to live a healthy lifestyle. Muscle building, menstruation, water retention and salt intake all have an effect on the number of the scale. Some suggestions for you: eat as soon as you wake up to boost metabolism, don't eat after 7 pm, use small plates to feel satisfied, get in that 64 ounces of water a day to flush toxins, don't eat frozen meals or eat out at restaurant a lot. Just keep eating in portion and exercising, it has to work! Seek professional advice if all else fails! I completed a 187 lbs ad 75 inch loss from 2005-2007. Gain backed 153 lbs by 2009 because the L.A. Weight Loss was very strict and pushed me. 2012=104 lbs off doing the plan by myself in 2 years 9 months. The habits are a lifestyle! Best of luck!
    2111 days ago
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