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Thursday, August 09, 2012

So it’s been awhile since I blogged last. And the last blog I posted was about making changes and not letting others pretty much use me as a door mat.

I am happy to say for the most part I have been doing well at this. When I feel the urge to become upset over something I take a step back. I go through my questions and evaluate the situation. Most times I come up with this is something out of my hands, let it play out how it’s going to play out and just be a by stander.

But just in the last week I bought a new car. Now this was a very stressful last few weeks for me and became a huge pressure cooker for me last week Thursday. My credit isn’t the greatest and I know there was a huge chance that I wasn’t going to be able to get a loan for the car I was looking for. But before we get into all that, let’s back the train up to about a month or so before hand. The car that I have / had is 10 plus years old. It’s been a good car and I haven’t had to stick much money into it, but it’s starting to show its age. So I had been asked if I was going to get a new car what kind of car would I like to get. I throw a few cars out there and had been told those of sensible cars, but wouldn’t I want something a bit more fun. I say yes that would be nice but. . . . So the search went to find a Mits Eclipse. My intention wasn’t to really start looking for one till around September when I would have a large “bonus” coming from work and I could use some of that money for a down payment and such. Well the car was found and the rush to get financing was on. To be honest I wasn’t too happy with how the whole thing played out. In a way I felt I was being pushed into getting this car. Now don’t get me wrong I got a great deal on this car and everything work out in the end. But for three days I wasn’t able to eat because I was so stressed on how I was going to make it work so I could get the car. And the person who found the car for me wasn’t making things any easier on me. This person’s feelings where if I couldn’t get the loan for the car then my parents should do it for me and when I got my check from work the first part of September I could clean up my credit and get the loan under my name. Not sure what rock he crawled out from under but I am not 20 something anymore and there is no way my parents are going to take a loan out in their name for a car that I want. Not sure how everyone else’s parents work but I am thinking the general rule is most to almost all the people I know their parents wouldn’t do this for them. Now this person’s parents would do it in a heartbeat, so naturally he thinks this is the norm and that everyone else’s parents would do this as well. So this starts a huge fight between the two of us which then ends up spilling over into his relationship with his son which it shouldn’t have and I back slide to try and save that. I shouldn’t have for it’s not my fault that he feels the way he does about the whole parent thing and that they weren’t willing to do that. And then he takes it out on his son and blames me. Not cool. So I am up at 11 at night talking to a 10 year about how his dad loves him and how he didn’t mean to lass out at him. That he was mad at me and took it out on him when he shouldn’t have. Of course the 10 year old is a smart little cookie and tells me that it’s not my fault and that I shouldn’t have to apologize for his dad’s actions. And he’s right his dad is an adult if he can’t keep his emotions in check and not lass out at others when it didn’t have anything to do with them I shouldn’t take the guilt of it. So back slide a little there. But I have since picked myself back up from my boot straps, dusted off and the foot is back down and ready to be inserted if needed in someone’s @$$.

Eating has been good, I have a buddy who texts me a few times a day reminding me not to eat junk food. Which is a good reminder for her as well. Exercising is going well, I am back on a schedule for Zumba and have been trying to get a few bike rides too, along with my running. Summer will be done before I know it and I’ve only gotten out on the water a few times this year, which is more than last year. Hoping when the office moves back to the area I live that next summer it will be more times out on the water and maybe a new jet ski too.
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  • IMANI2008
    You have a good buddy right there!! I enjoy zumba too, I find it alot of fun!

    Keep going! :)
    2111 days ago

    2112 days ago
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