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Thursday, August 09, 2012

I can't believe I haven't posted in over a month! So much has been going on - some lows but also many highs. Today was definitely a high day!

I've been struggling with body image issues in the past month. After being so big for so long, I guess my brain has gotten used to seeing myself as fat. And being the extremist I am, it's either I go big or go home. In this case, it's either go stick thin or go...jump out a window. This past month, there where days that I'd feel as if I were as big as a house. I felt like everyone was judging me by my weight. I was so paranoid that people (friends, family, strangers) would look at me and think, Oh there goes the whale. I guess it didn't help that some people in the office said it seemed like I was gaining weight (NOT TRUE) and that my cheeks seemed fuller.

With that mindset, I 'figured' that well, since I'm already 'fat', might as well eat the whole world...and then I'd proceed to having out-of-this-world binges. I'd been swinging between diet and binge mentality and it was just so stressful and tiring. Couldn't focus on anything - work, family, friends, etc.

But today I think it finally clicked. I've decided (just now) that I want to be strong and lean, not gaunt and skinny. I want to look healthy, I want to be healthy. I was just telling my mom that the people who inspire most in the gym aren't the young, fit, toned men and women that I see (though of course they motivate me to a certain degree as wel) but instead, the older members with graying hair, big smiles and amazing endurance and perseverance.

Today in Body Combat class, I saw two elderly gentlemen - both probably in their late 60s or early 70s. One was struggling a bit - he didn't have full range of motion of his arms and legs and he couldn't do all the jumps and kicks but he stayed through the WHOLE class. I saw him again afterward, lifting weights with his personal trainer. The other one was just a bundle of energy - high kicks, high jumps, full-on punches and during the core circuit, he did full push ups. During the class, I'd look at him when I felt like giving up. When we had to do high knees and I felt like giving only 80% effort, I saw him jumping like there was no tomorrow and I pushed myself to do the same - if he can do it, then i can do it too. Both gentlemen are amazing and they remind me that I'm doing this (eating healthy, exercising, etc.) because I want to grow old happy and strong.

Back to today's awesomeness.

Started out awesome. (Warning: the word 'awesome' will probably be overused in this entry but I'm too tired to think of any other adjective for the awesomeness of today.)

Kicked off the day with an awesome circuit workout c/o Women's Health Magazine. MacBooks are indeed multipurpose gadgets - they can blast out music AND serve as magazine stands!

The circuit looked easy on print but was more challenging in reality. It consisted of 8 compound moves (I did 2 sets x 15 reps using 5lb dumbbells)
1. Reverse Lunge with Rotation and Bicep Curls
2. Deadlift to High Pull (Upright Rows)
3. Stability Ball with Tricep Extensions
4. Squat with Leg Abduction and Lateral Raise
5. V-Sit Incline Press
6. Plank Hold with Single Arm Row
7. Hamstring Curl with Chest Press (on Stability Ball)
8. Side Plank with Rear Fly

I had to modify the Hamstring Curl on stability ball because I kept rolling off. Instead I did dumbbell flies with double leg raises. I also fell down a couple of times during the plank hold with single arm row but I picked myself up again. When my arms got tired, I modified to a 'knee' plank but I kept going. It was an awesome way to get my blood pumping this morning.

Breakfast was just as awesome: yogurt, flaxseed, oatmeal and a cinnamon apple. Forgot to take a picture cos my boss walked in as I was about to take my first bite. Had to eat in a hurry! Haha.

Work wasn't too bad today. I spent a lot of time researching supermarket trends without my boss asking me to and when I shared what I'd learned over casual conversation, she liked my ideas and asked me to put it in her presentation. WIN! SCORE!

Wasn't too hungry come lunch time since I had breakfast late but I knew I had to have enough fuel for an afternoon at the gym. Besides, I wanted to try the Eden Organic Vegetable Spirals that I bought from the health food store yesterday. I had it with a tuna/spinach/shiitake/tomato stirfry. Happy to report that it was de-licious and totally satisfying. I only finished half (and didn't even touch the hardboiled egg) because I wanted to save space for a banana and besides, I was already pretty full.

Yay for leftovers!

I stepped out of the office at around 4:30 and was welcomed by the bright sunlight - so nice to see blue skies after nine days of rain! Headed to the gym straight from work (after dropping my mom off), all giddy and excited to work out.

Today's gym session was quite unstructured since I couldn't decide what I wanted to do. I recently joined Fitocracy, which is like Facebook and Sparkpeople combined, and I am totally obsessed. It has quests you can complete and badges you can unlock and today I wanted to work on achieving some of them.

1. Achievement: Let's Get Outta Here - Cycle 100km in your lifetime
-- Progress: Did 5k on the stationary bike today! 7k total so far

2. Achievement: I Seem To Be Lost - Run 32.2km in your lifetime
-- Progress: Did 1.5k on the treadmill today. 2.5k total so far (I think)

3. G90 Sanity XZ Power Pump - Log at least 160 minutes of BootCamp-like group workouts within 7 Days
-- Progress: Did 60 mins of body combat today. 60 mins total so far!

4. Achievement: Get Low - Do a barbell squat (at least 1 rep) for at least 0.8x bodyweight.
--Progress: Did 0.6x of bodyweight - 7 reps on the Smith(?) Machine. Ugh - just realized that I got it confused with the barbell press achievement! I thought only 0.6x was required, not 0.8! Oh well - another reason to go to the gym tomorrow. Still awesome though - it was my first time doing it and I couldn't believe I was lifting a barbell that heavy! Thank you to RA the gym trainer who spotted me and took my picture.

Was on such an awesome high that when I got home, I had to dance a little more. On deck: Domino by Jessie J and Watch n Learn by Rihanna. Then I had to shower because I was a sweaty mess and my tummy was starting to grumble.

Dinner came late but it was so good. Bowlful of Balsamic Roasted Brussel Sprouts (I wish I had these as a child - I don't know how anyone can hate brussel sprouts!), Bell Peppers and Eggplants with a Fruit Pizza (slices of cheddar, provolone and fontina on wholewheat tortilla topped with pineapple, apples and grapes!)

Ate this awesome meal while watching an awesome musical: Meet Me in St. Louis. I just 'discovered' this gem of a movie and I've watched it 3x in the past 2 days. I can't stop singing along to the songs (Clang, clang goes the trolley...)

This entry should more than make up for a month-long blog nap! Ready for bed and can't wait for an awesome night's sleep.

Have an awesome day/week/year/life, SparkFriends!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • NATALIE1964
    Look at you! You totally rock and you look wonderful in this pciture! I wish I was that small Yay for you! emoticon
    2673 days ago
    100KM is only 60 miles. The BW and I used to ride 45 or 50 miles every Sunday with CIBA - and one time the long ride was 70 miles. Our feet were killing us the last 20 miles. I'm sure you can do the 100 KM, and you'll just be warming up when you get there.

    PS - it was a gret blog - made up for a months rest.
    2674 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/12/2012 6:02:12 PM
    wow!! well done!! emoticon
    2676 days ago
    I'm so proud of you but I really want to slap some of those people in your office. Why are they scrutinizing you so much anyway, knowing that you have body image issues? Just remember, you're doing this for you, not for them. You are a role model to many people, myself included. Keep up the good work!
    2676 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    I agree with you about brussel sprouts, they are so good!
    Glad to read today's blog, keep pushing, you are worth it!

    2677 days ago
    Great food, great workout, great all-around. Loving it all!
    2677 days ago
    Glad to see you blogging again. Just remember that a healthy and fit body is what you are striving for. It can be a different weights and still be healthy and fit. Keep up the good work and keep the faith.
    2677 days ago
  • no profile photo -ADRIENNE-
    is it just brussel sprouts in that picture?? I LOVE them but my family hates them and I would buy them, use one or two, then the rest would go off... why didn't I think of a whole bowl of them! lol Thanks for that!
    2677 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2677 days ago
    Wow -- Busy Girl! emoticon
    2677 days ago
    I miss Body Combat sooo much, was just thinking about that this morning. I used to go to gyms that had that class for years, but not anymore. I miss how incredibly hardcore it feels to put in 100 percent effort into that class. I would have loved watching that older guy and his high knees!
    2677 days ago
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