5 Tips to Healthier Subway Eating

Thursday, August 09, 2012

So as I’ve been on this journey of improving my fitness and wellness, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks as I’ve sought to readjust my eating habits to support my objectives. One of my FAVORITE eating places is Subway. And while I have zero intention of fueling my weight loss with veggie subs (nothing against them), I’d like to share these five tips to help you maybe make a better choice if you’re attempting to eat healthier at Subway:

1.) Cheese – If you want to enjoy some cheese on that sub, instead of having them add the typical two slices per six-inch sub, just have them use one and lay it across the center. Half the calories and you’re not sacrificing the flavor you’re looking for. Another option, of course, is to go cheese-free…but life is short. Have a little if you want (25 calories per slice).

2.) Chips – There are many chip options at Subway. My personal recommendation is to go with one of the varieties of Baked Lays. Less fat and calories than most “regular” chips, but because they’re still relatively high in the fat content, I limit my intake to only half the bag. Half the fat, calories, sodium, and all of the other joys of the potato chip world…full on the flavor.

3.) Mayo – While the best option is either no mayo or using mustard instead, if you gotta go mayo, go light on the light mayo. Same flavor, less of the bad stuff.

4.) Beverages – If you want to avoid the carbonation route (not the best when trying to lose weight, even with diet drinks), try their Fuze iced tea. Got a sweet tooth? Rather than filling up with 20+ ounces of sugary goodness (read: calories), try mixing it half-and-half with regular tea. No major sacrifice, and you still get to have your sweet tea and drink it, too.

5.) Value – Every day Subway features a value meal including a specific six-inch sub, chips, and a beverage for less than$5. The featured subs aren’t always the best options (meatball or tuna, while my personal favorites, are not overly weight-loss friendly), so check out which sub is available that day in advance and save a couple bucks. Why would I share this in a section on healthier eating? Take the extra money you might spend and apply it to a good healthy cook book or gym membership to help you further your weight loss goals. My personal favorite…grilled chicken breast on Sunday. Oh yes.

I’m admittedly not a nutritionist, so my thoughts are “amateur” in comparison to ones that a dietician might express. These are just some things that I have learned along the way that make little differences here and there. Hope they help and I’ll share more as time goes along. Cheers!
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  • _MOBII_
    I love Subway, I have been avoiding the cheese there....not avoiding it all together, I still eat it at home, but at Subway, there are so many options to add flavor that I don't miss the cheese.

    My favorite sub is a 6 inch turkey and bacon. I load it up with spinach (instead of lettuce...more flavor), tomatoes, a few olives, pickles, and banana peppers. Not so great for me on the salt aspect but...I fight different battles on different days lol!

    Usually I top it with mustard, and if I splurge, I get a small stripe of light mayo or I get a touch of sweet onion sauce.

    My beau and I usually split a bag of baked lays, unless I am feeling especially greedy, hehe!
    But if I oink down the whole bag myself, I hold off some of the bread from my sandwich.

    ok ok, NOW I am in the mood for Subway! Guess what might be for lunch tomorrow!
    2139 days ago
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