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one of my best days ever : )

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

today was a really good and fun day with several added little bonuses.first my husband surprized me with some new nordic walking sticks which are really good ones alot better thean the ones i used the other day(my old ones are telescopic so the length can be changed so zakariya or ayyub can use them if one of them want to accompany next time i go(i plan to go more often now i have theese new ones).so that was bobus number one.we decided to have a nice family day out as the weather was good.lotfi went first with the kid on the bikes to the buga(it is just up the road from us and was originally the inter national flower show where when it was first opened you had to pay 17€ to get in for half the day.now we can use it for free.it is very big with lots of bike paths,loads of flower display,greens and at least 10 play parks(that i know off but i still haven´t been around it all.like i said it is big.) and a sea with ducks and swans and that you are allowed to swim in.while they went ahead to one of the playparks with water there.i prepared snack packes of chopped up apples,radish,carrot and kholrabi.johanes berries(red currents)and nectarines.some seasam sticks and two litre bottles of water.i packed them in my backpack then got my nordic walking stick.as last time i carried the sticks till i got to the bulga then i started using them(this is still stepping out of my bonus show exercising in public)so bonus number two.so still feeling self concious especially as i was doing this alone(last time zakariya was with me on his bike)when i got to the playpark we had arranged to meet(about 25 mins walking)they weren´t there.phoned lotfi to see where he was and he was on the other side of the sea in a playpark there.we have never gone on the other side of the sea before as usually the kids want to play on the playparks our side of the sea.so i go to the wooden bridge that leaves to the other side and found the playpark the kids were playing on(about another 25 minutes walk to get there)by this time my arms were beginning to ache.they were getting a workout from the nordic walking sticks(bonus number three)so i sat and watched the kids play on the seasaw swings which seemed quite high off the ground for ayman and sure enough he feel off.once he had stopped crying and we had sooth him we decided to play some football with lotfi being in goal.there was two goal posts there but we only used one as the one goal post was surrounded by water puddles(we had a storm last night)after football we then played a little piggy in the middle then sat down for the kids to eat.we decided to explore abit more the other side of the sea.we came after another 40-50 minutes walk(well i did lotfi and the kids got there before me as they were on bikes,lol)we descovered a bio farm with a farmhouse shop.(bonus 4)we let the kids look at the animals,we picked a rucksack full of apples off the tree and lotfi even plucked some corn on the cob from the field though i didn´t think it was ready yet though lotfi said it was.the kids had some carob chocolate from the reform house section and that was all we could afford as we didn´t know we would need mones today lotfi only had a few euros with him incase we decided to treat the kids to an ice on the way home.from there we walked to the sea where the kids had fun trying to skim pebbles and playing with the ducks.lotfi had to go then so i took the kids to their favorite playpark where we had originally planned to meet.we stayed an hour and a half then made our way home.the kids didn´t argue once the whole time we were out(bonus 5).also a biggy for me.when we got to the end of the buga i carried on using the nordic walking sticks all the way home down my street ,on the pavement by the roads for everyone to see instead of carrying them like i did last time when i got to the end of the buga(bonus 6 and my NSV for today).then if that wasn´t enough to top it off(like the topping on the cake)when i got home there was a parcle waiting for me from my very first ever spark friend from when i first joined spark.joanne ,she lives in america and in the parcle was 5 dvd of turbo jam for me.what makes this great gift even greater if that is possible it was her sisters copy(she died reacantly)and joanne wanted it to go to someone who would really appreciate it and treasure it.i feel honoured that she gave it too me and can´t wait to try it out.probably after my neurologist appointment tomorrow.so to me that was not only bonus number 7 but bonus number 8,9 and 10 as well.like i said a perfect end to a perfect day.might even go and do some ironing know to make it more perfect if that is possible.hope you all have a great day ,love you all.spark people is reall great.take care and keep smiling. emoticonthis is the only emotion that is the nearest to how i feel and that is that my cup runneth over.
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