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AHHHHHHHHHH! I'm WHAT Size? Mini-Fashion Show! :)

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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I knew the only people in the world that would truly understand my over-excitement right now would be my besties and you, my lovely Spark Family, so... here I am to say YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY for today!

I am going on a cruise in 2 months. I know basically what I will need and just want to prepare because there are 3 of us that I have to consider. At the beginning of summer, I bought us all "water shoes" for on excursions and such so we have safe feet,etc. I just bought a new bathing suit and HATE it. I couldn't figure out why before, but.. it's because it's TOO big.. heck yeah! So, I'm trying to find a new bathing suit online.. since nowhere around here is selling them anymore and I went into my room to try on the ones I have in there. My stepmom gave me her old ones and they never fit before... but.. they do now!! YAY! Still slightly small, but might be able to fit me by the time we leave. *fingers crossed*

But... the news of the day is about my inspiration outfits. Last year, I bought myself 2 sun dresses to "Fit Into One Day" and this past Christmas, my mom bought me two cute dresses for the same reason. And, folks.. TODAY is "ONE DAY" OMGGGGGG!!!! I took them out of the closet earlier while i was searching through to see what I had going on in there (not much, to be perfectly honest) and I saw them and was like "Wonder if I will ever fit into those" so I decided to beat myself up and tried them on and they ALL fit! WHAT!?!?!?!?!?

I immediately texted my friend Julia because she's seen the dresses and knew how bad I wanted to wear them, and she was like "OMFG, picture! Like, now please!!!" so... mini Fashion show. I just got my son to take pics of 2 of them... but.. YAY anyway! :) hehe

Red and black oriental style 1x dress! GAH! Its made from stretchy material and super cute... Pic is sorta blurry but you get the point.. lol

Black and white floral sundress 2x. YAY!! This one is no.stretch.at.all. LOL So this is my real size!!!

Announcement, last year I was wearing 4x or 5x clothes (jeans were a 32w.. yes, I'm serious and now 22w).. so.. this is freakin' awesome for me! I'm doing such a huge happy dance, you have no idea!! WooHoo!!!!

So yeah.. *attempting to sound normal* Those 2 dresses with go with me on the cruise. I'm still trying to find a really nice dress for "formal" night (fancy dresses and a super elegant party on the ship) and I will probably still try to get another swim suit, just in case since the other one is too big and the others I have are technically too small (how is one to know what size to wear?? lol).. but... YAY!

Ok, that's all. I just wanted to share that :) hehe Have an awesome day, everyone! WooHoo! XOXO
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