weekend binge killing me!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

POOF - gone, just like that. I was starting to get back in the habit of getting up for a little exercise, starting to enjoy eating and cooking in a more health concious way and even becoming more dedicated to tracking what goes into my mouth. and then, WEEKEND!!!

We enjoyed a trip to the fair on Friday night where I skipped soda for my water bottle and managed to control my cotton candy fetish, eating a little bit with the kids and then moving it away from me. Saturday was a good start with swimming for a couple of hours and good choices, until the husband got home. Chinese take-out here we come. Never mind that I had a great meal in the crockpot, ready to go. I was disciplined with the rice and noodles and sesame chicken but the crab cheese wontons - fried bits of amazing goodness - kicked my butt.

Sunday morning started with a call from my father-in-law and donuts for breakfast. LAMARS chocolate glazed I might add. Two donuts later and I didn't feel satisfied or full, but I managed to quit. Did I mention that we had pizza and cookies for dinner?????

this is crap - I just read a post by Jillian Michaels that said weekends will completely undo an entire week of good behavior and I think I likely just proved that point. Not to mention my digestive system is really really irritated with my excess and I am bloated and sluggish overall.

Going to work hard at keeping us on track all weekend. I have said that this is a year of changes and progress for us, but if I allow this nonsense to continue, nothing will truly change and we will end the next summer just as overweight and unhappy with that as we are now.

I need to take charge of this NOW and get us back on track..
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    My tougher days are the days that my bf is off work. He's a skinny little thing and he loves to eat all sorts of things that are extremely unhealthy for me. It's hard to stay on track when you see him stuff his face with things you shouldn't have. I'm getting better at it and I'm not stocking much of his fav snacks in the house - that way if he really wants it - it's a trip to the store =] We don't have a car so it really gets him to think about how badly he wants it lol.

    Don't get yourself down about your weekend - instead, remember this for the next one you have struggles with. Remember how hard you have to work off those extra calories and think about how you could've lost an extra pound at least if you don't touch the donut or cut it down to one, or if you have half the crab cheese wontons (really hard if you belong to the clean your plate club like me!! LOL). Each time you're faced with temptation - just it worth it?? If it is - try and have less than you normally would =] That's how I've gotten by so far!!

    Good Luck!!
    2418 days ago
  • SFREY217
    I usually do better on the weekends than during the week. I have more time to plan and cook at home than rushing around during the week. It sounds like your husband and family may be adding to the problem be bringing home tempting goodies. Just keep telling yourself that thinner and healthier feels better than those goodies taste. I find that when I am really craving something less healthy I can eat I few bites and feel satisfied without eating the whole thing. Good luck on your journey.
    2418 days ago
    I did some of the same damage this weekend and I'm trying to bounce back too. It always seems so much easier during the week when one is on a set schedule. Hang in there!
    2418 days ago
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