Motivational Letter From The New Me To the Old Me.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I know you like to pretend like you have it all together. But the reality is-YOU DON'T- Your life is in disarray. You are confused about everything. Frankly, you don't know if you're coming or going. IO hate to say but you know your life is ot where it should be. You've made enough excuses on why your credit sucks, why your car is two-toned, why you still haven't graduated form college or even re-enrolled, and most of all why you are still FAT. I'm starting to question if you really want any of those things at all. You mouth and ambition is not matching up with you actions. Ambitions without action is void. I am truly disappointed in you. I expect so much more from you. You can not and I will not allow you to be second best anymore.its time to grow up and be mature and go after all your dreams. You have to give it 100%. You can't allow yourself to be manipulated by anyone. You can't afford to waste any time. You have to go hard for what you want so you will deserve the reward. I, more than anyone believe you can do it. I'm just ready for you to believe it yourself. HEALTH. EDUCATION. FAITH. FAMILY. FINANCE. WORK. LOVE. Believe that He that dwells in you is greater than "it" that is in the world. Lord hide her from the enemy even if she is her own enemy and biggest wall. Lord we believe today that your grace is sufficient and you are able to supply our needs. Lord you are incapable of failing. Lord we ask to day that you grant us tenacity and strength to overcome our shortcomings. In Jesus Name. Amen.
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