Monday, August 06, 2012

Today I'm starting the 6 day plan offer in this program let's see how it goes

starting weight 174.6lbs
Chest 36
waist 29
hips 40.5
thighs 22
calf 15
arms 11

Day 1:
Breakfast was better than I expected...found out that I liked the poached eggs afterall...LOL it's like fried eggs but without the grease so found a new favorite.

The highlight of this day was the dinner, and actually pretty much the food was really good no complains there.

Day 3:
Egg whites with mushrooms are pretty it like it like it
By the way I weighted and I was down 1.4 lbs ( I weighted at 6 am so that counts for weight loss in the first 2 days)

Day 4:
Egg whites with spinach and salsa yummmyyy...after that I was a bit lightheaded...think I should have eaten a little bit more calories but that's fine...dinner the squash I really didn't like it at all

Final Weight in:
starting weight 174.6lbs-169.8 (-4.8 lbs)
Chest 36 - 34 (-2in)
waist 29 - 28.5 (-0.5 in)
hips 40.5 - 39.5 (-1 in)
thighs 22 -21.5 (-0.5 in)
calf 15 - 14.5 (-0.5in)
arms 11 - 11

and I did it!!!!!!
Next goal is do not gain that again and lose 4.8 more to my first goal of 165 lbs
Wish me luck
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